When It Comes To Bringing New Technology To Africa, Isabel Dos Santos Continues To Be At The Forefront:

Isabel dos Santos is a businesswoman from Africa known for many major professional successes around the world. These successes include her current role as the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Angolan company Unitel. This firm is the largest telecom operation in the country and a leader in the telecom sector in Africa. The impact that Isabel dos Santos has made during her years working with the firm has been significant and she has put tremendous effort into upgrading the African telecommunications sector as a whole.

One of the major aspirations for this sector on a continent-wide basis is to bring in 5G level technology. Isabel dos Santos recently spoke at a conference where she shed light on things that need to happy to bring 5G technology to the continent. Among the points she raised is the necessity for more private sector firms to put big investments into the energy sector.

Isabel dos Santos has pointed to many key factors facing the continent of Africa and one area she has highlighted is the steadily growing population that is expected to go from 1.2 billion up to the 2.4 billion level in the next thirty coming years. With this in mind, upgraded elements of the economy that are currently behind are more important than ever. This includes improved energy, improved telecommunications, and the other benefits that will come along with these points. Upgrading these areas is key for business sectors such as e-commerce to be able to grow.

This talk given by Isabel dos Santos was presented at the AfricaCom conference. This was a chance for many of the leading experts in several industries to come together. The industries represented include telecommunications and the tech sector. The conference saw more than 450 major leaders of business come together to speak about these important issues such as bringing 5G technology into the continent’s telecommunications sector. As a major player in the telecom field, Isabel was an honored guest speaker at the event. She is a businesswoman who is frequently looked to on these types of topics due to her extensive experience and expertise.

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