Wengie’s Picks for the Top Ten Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Life hacks are everywhere, there’s one for cloudy head lights, ways to keep razors sharp, and even a few involving beer and soft hair. With the myriad of possibilities to improve the way you live your life, it can be difficult to choose which ones are worth their weight.


Youtube star and certified life hacker, Wengie, cuts through the clutter to find life hacks that not only work but are extremely practical as well. I’m looking at you beer and egg hair treatment.


So here are a few of Wengie’s favorite life hacks:


Shave Your Sweater


Is your favorite sweater slowly becoming a mess of lint after every wash? Give it a quick shave. Using a regular razor simply shave off all the excess lint and fuzz to leave your sweater looking almost as good as when you first bought it.


Stack Your Stuff


If you often find yourself forgetting things as you rush out of your home then this hack is for you. Before you start to get ready just stack your wallet, cell, keys, and anything else you need for the day on top of something you never forget like your bag or purse.


Snapshot Your Fridge


It can be difficult at times to remember exactly what you needed from the grocery store without writing it down and if the previous hack applied to your life, that list may be even more difficult to keep. So take a photo of the inside your fridge as a quick remedy for buying what you don’t need and forgetting what you do. Don’t forget to work the angles and get all of your fridge’s contents in the pictures.


Keyring Slayer


Putting a key on your keyring can be a frustrating and nail destroying experience. To make it easier, just use a staple remover to pry open the ring while you slip on the key.




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