TMS Health Solutions

TMS Health Solution is a hospital which provides psychiatry treatment for patients suffering from depression, lack of sleep, anxiety and other mental diseases. The practice is made up if highly qualified and experienced psychiatry professionals. It was founded in the year 2007 and has its headquarters in northern California. The clinic is cleared by FDA, and it is exclusively for management of mental disorders.

TMS Health solutions use an integrated approach in the management of mental diseases. It mainly uses digital knowledge and technology to enhance treatment of these conditions. As the name of the practice suggests, it uses the Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in treating mental illnesses. How does this technology work in treating the conditions?

When you visit TMS health solutions, you will find patients in a separate room free from noise and any interruptions. They are sitting on chairs or beds, and their heads are fitted with the transcranial magnetic stimulation machine which resembles the headphones. In front of them is a screen showing a movie. The TMS machine helps in stimulating brain cell thus activating them and enhancing the health of the brain. The movie plays a role in boosting the patient’s concentration and attention.

It is this exclusive service offered in TMS Solutions that gives the clinic a good reputation. The treatment approach is advantageous and helpful to those patients who have failed to recover and get relieved even after taking antidepressants and other medical treatments. Their treatment approach is non-invasive and also drug-free hence there are limited side effects and long-term positive effects on your mental health.

This service which is professionally offered by TMS Health Solutions is affordable and reachable since the clinic has several branches distributed across the country’s big cities mainly in Northern America.

Many insurance companies also cover the practice. When you visit TMS Solutions, you will be treated and if you financial issue then you will be handed over to a business support team. The team will provide you with different finance options. That is why TMS will always be a reputable psychiatry clinic.

There are many cases of patients who have experienced TMS services and verily they appreciate the clinic.


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