The Real Life Racing of Rodrigo Terpins

2015’s 23rd edition of the Sertoes Rally saw the race that year pass through the Brazilian states of Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo and Paraná. The social activist arm of the Sertoes Rally is called SAS Brasil. SAS’ focus is the health and entertainment of its fan base. It also has strong environmental concerns and initiatives. Prior to the 2015 race, Sao Paulo’s Bull Sertoes Rally Team attended a charity dinner hosted by SAS during which they contributed to its causes for the first time. However, the team was very clear that it fully intends to give every year from now on.


In addition, Bull Sertoes has declared its commitment to start giving to other charity groups as well. The funds raised were used to install water filters in the needy cities through which the race was to pass that year. The four-day project that resulted helped over 2,000 needy people. While the installation of the water filters was the primary work of the project, the project also involved medical and dental care, educational lectures, cinema, sports competitions, and the construction of cisterns for water collection. The race that year saw Rodrigo Terpins partner with Fabricio Bianchini while Rodrigo’s brother, Michel Terpins, partnered with Fabio Pedroso.


Based on, the race this year was characterized by lots of mud, water-soaked areas, winding roads, slippery patches, and a long stretch forest area. And it was also a race that happened to be characterized by lots of accidents. As good as they are, both of the Terpins brothers also encountered vehicle mishaps. It is also worthy of note that this was only the second year that both brothers had driven a T-Rex. The first three stages of this multi-stage race count toward the individual team’s standings in the Brazilian Championship. Check out  for details.


However, all of the competitors always consider every stage of the entire race to be important. They are the main event, but cars are not Sertoes Rally only racing concern. The event also has races for motorcycles, quadricycles, UTV’s, and trucks. The Bull Sertões Rally Team team is sponsored by 100% Events, Xarla, Bull Sertões, Motul and Ohlins.

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