Toyo Setal is Excited to Provide the Solution for Completing a Long Delayed Rio Construction Project

It has been a busy time at the Toyo Setalcompany from Brazil. This is because the respected construction, logistics, engineering, and industrial projects firm has just come out ahead on a bidding process that took more than a year. The contract that Toyo Setal has garnered as a result of its recent win is for the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex. On the topic of achieving this prestigious contract, Toyo Setal’s Commercial Manager Rafael Ribeiro de Mendonca Lima stated the this latest contract is important for many reasons. One of these reasons is that it marks the re-initiation of a long-standing business relationship between Toyo Setal and Petrobras.

This project comes down to the significant need to finish work that has been stalled out since 2015. This fact has been a tremendous drain on the economy of the Rio de Janeiro area and there has been significant pressure to find a company that could complete the work. This is where Toyo Setal has come in. The firm sent in many outstanding specialists if different areas related to this specific work. They did a detailed analysis to determine what was still to be done to ensure that the eighteen-month deadline for completion is met. It is simply too important to the economy of Brazil that this project is finally brought to its completion. With this in mind, there is much anticipation of around getting things going once again and finally seeing these works completed. To know more about the company click here.

The history of Toyo Setal in Brazil extends to 2012 when two other established firms came together into a single entity. These firms were Brazil’s Setal and Japan-based Toyo. After some time where the two organizations worked together in joint ventures, the decision was made to create an overall stronger entity to merging. The results have been impressive since that time as the newly created firm has been involved in some of the most important projects that have taken place across the country since that time. This latest project is a prime example of the kind of work that this dynamic firm does.

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