Sheldon Lavin’s Accomplished Great Things At OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has been working for the OSI Group for more than five decades since he first joined up as a financial consultant for Otto & Sons. Today, Sheldon is the CEO for OSI Group and directs the daily operations as well as the expansions of the company. In the 1970’s when Sheldon was introduced to the company, he saw the massive potential it had, which is what made him decide to dedicate a good portion of his career to building the company up.

OSI Group has been featured for various awards over the years for the contributions to the food processing field and the impact they have had all over the world. OSI Group maintains offices in more than 60 countries around the globe with dozens of warehouses spread out for quick distribution of products. Sheldon has made serious improvements to the company over the years, including expanding on the global mission. Sheldon started in the 1970’s, slowly spreading the companies influence and locations around the globe. Sheldon was even the recipient of the Global Visionary award.

Today, there are more than twenty thousand employees working at the OSI corporation at more than 60 locations spread out around the globe. These employees are professional and have low turnover rates thanks to the optimal working environment that Sheldon Lavin Provides as a leader. Since joining up with the company back in the 70’s, Sheldon Lavin knew the company had potential and he has been dedicated to its growth ever since. Otto & Sons, as it was called before changing to the OSI Group, was focused on meat products for the longest time, until Sheldon took over and add a whole variety of new foods to the companies manufacturing list. With more than four decades of experience behind him, Sheldon Lavin is irreplaceable as the president of OSI Group and will continue expanding on the company until the day he retires.

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