Sergey Petrossov – Transforming the World of Private Air Travel

Sergey Petrossov

Russian born entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov has single handly changed and streamlined the way travelers can book and experience the world of the private industry.

Frustrated when trying to book travel for himself and a group of friends, he struck upon an idea to make things easier for anyone wanting to fly privately. The process in the past was laborious and time-consuming, adding to the cost. Sergey realized there was a market for an Uber-like app for private air travel. And so, Sergey Petrossov became the Founder and CEO of JetSmarter and the app-based way to book and travel on private aircraft.

JetSmarter was launched in 2013 and has grown in popularity and success ever since. Petrossov’s idea utilizes aircraft that previously would be sitting on the tarmac, streamlining air travel for clients. Anyone with the funds to travel privately has options that Sergey’s JetSmarter app provides. Seats can be booked on a schedule of well-traveled popular routes, so clients can opt to take seats that are available on these legs or book the aircraft as a completely private trip. There is even an option for last-minute pick up of empty seats for a discounted price.

The idea is not only to streamline travel for existing private jet clients, but interest travelers in a market they may have previously overlooked or thought was beyond their means. The popularity of the JetSmarter way of travel has attracted interest and backing from investors like as Jay-Z and the Saudi royal family. The company is now valued at an estimated 1.5 billion dollars. Its seems for Sergey Petrossov the sky is the limit.

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