Sergey Petrossov: CEO Of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov is a great innovator of industries. He majors in technological applications to meet consumer needs as a way of expanding the market of their products by ensuring the quality of products. He is currently a professional asset of Jetsmarter Company.

Before joining the company of JetSmarter, Sergey created two IT products which enabled users to communicate via text messages. This has strengthened the level of customer services and also created a successful model of distance learning in Russian. Besides his innovations he has also provided advisory services to a private jet operator and indeed, the company flourished due to high demands of their services worldwide.

The tactics he used to ensure success began by identification of the main challenges facing the form’s operations followed by clear strategies to overcome them. He introduced the brick-and-mortar approach to enable the booking of jet services. Later, the effectiveness of the operation was enhanced through the application of technology. That is how the firm extended the services to numerous customers.

Sergey started the idea of JetSmarter on a clear strategy by first doing enough consultations. He made it known to all his stakeholders and experts and in August 2012, carried out a trial on the app which successfully made connections between customers and services. The app was made public in March 2013.

He always employed skilled and creative minds which brought in ideas which were combined to bring out a great positive impact on the company. The origin of the JetSmarter technology came through a combination of various innovations in telecommunication made in vehicles and electronic gadgets. The app is considered superior due to its unique feature.

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