Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter: Acquiring Loyal Customers and Building a Business

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov might be young; however, the young CEO and founder of JetSmarter is already willing to share his wisdom with the new generation of entrepreneurs who are coming up behind him. One of the biggest challenges that he has faced during his time with JetSmarter has been growing a business in the luxury travel sector. He knows that he is far from the first entrepreneur to struggle in this arena. Despite these struggles, he has grown JetSmarter to be worth more than $1.5 billion. His success has not gone unnoticed and, already, young businessmen are looking to him for advice on how to grow their own businesses.

How to Acquire Loyal Customers: From a Successful CEO

Sergey Petrossov

There are plenty of businesses that have trouble growing their customer base. For these individuals, Petrossov would first go to those who have stayed loyal to the company. Take a look at the reasons why these people have stuck with the company. What do they like? Why do they keep coming back? Take the side of those who love the business and turn them into ambassadors for the brand. Encourage them to share the good news about the company with other people. Petrossov refers to these as key performance indicators. He would encourage young businessmen to try and build their company around these performance indicators.

Leading by Example with JetSmarter: Sergey Petrossov Sergey Petrossov has followed his own advice with JetSmarter. His company has largely spread by word of mouth thanks to those who have been willing to spread the word about the unique success of the business. Even though the leader of JetSmarter has a lot on his plate, he still finds time to give back to those who have helped him. His company is primed to continue to grow in the future, disrupting not only the private industry but the commercial flying world as well. 

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