Reinvent You With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Have you ever seen something that completely inspired you to create something similar?

If this has ever happened to you, you aren’t alone; great minds are often inspired by things that they see or admire.

This is also true for Doe Deere, the CEO and Founder of Lime Crime cosmetics.

Deere is often finding ways to cause her nostalgia for things to work for her.

Remember when those Polly Pocket eye shadow palettes first came out?

Do you know who created them?

Yes, Deere and her team at Lime Crime HQ.

So as you can see, it is perfectly fine to be inspired by something that you see or remember and want to reinvent it by completely turning it into something else.

Many women are inspired by sunsets, beaches, and other things and turn them into various makeup looks.

They aren’t afraid to try new looks, and we want you as well to know that trying new makeup looks is perfectly fine.

With the help of Lime Crime, you can achieve any look that you’d like.


Eyeliner, for the most part, is pretty safe.

It is easy to apply and helps make for a great makeup look even if simply worn on the eyelid.

There are many ways to apply eyeliner.

If you are seeking to have cat eyes or a winged effect, go for it.

Remember, however, that there is a proper way to apply eyeliner to achieve these looks.

Watch videos by beauty gurus to ensure that you are getting these looks perfect.


Most of us have used highlighters in school, so we are familiar with their purpose: they are meant to highlight important features.

The same is true for highlighters that you use on your face.

A great thing about cosmetic highlighters is that you can use them on many areas.

  •  If you want to give your brows a bit more definition, add highlighter beneath them.
  •  Your eyes needing a pick-me-up? Apply highlighter beneath them.
  •  Want to define your nose? Pop some highlighter on the ridge of it.

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