Rebel Wilson discusses fame and lifestyle upgrade

When Rebel Wilson chose to move from Australia to America, she knew that she was targeting the big stage. She had already conquered Australia and therefore, when wanted the world to experience what she can offer. She says that she impressed here agents in American when she waked into their offices the first time.

They told her that they did not have anybody like her on their books. This was in reference to her size and personality, and therefore, it meant that she would have minimal competition for her roles. They signed her on the second day and with that, came more fame than she had imagined.

A lifestyle upgrade

When someone hits the big stage, changing their lifestyle becomes inevitable. There are things that you will start doing and those that you will drop altogether. For Rebel Wilson, there are things that she loved doing, but she could no longer engage in them because of her publicity.

She says that the expectations of her producers, agents, and fans made it impossible to resist a lifestyle change. However, she is still the same Rebel Wilson that people knew and therefore, her life away from the cameras could be different from what people know.

Changing between situations

Rebel Wilson says that her life now revolves around different situations. For instance, there are low key moments when she will be spending time with her friends and family. During such moments, she will be the normal woman that everybody knows and will enjoy the amazing moments.

However, such moments quickly change when she is required to be on a private jet traveling to a famous venue to introduce a pop star at a concert. She says that she has mastered how to handle these two varying worlds and therefore, she fits in every situation that she finds herself in.

Managing expectations

Rebel Wilson also says that there are many expectations put on her. Her fans, family, friends, casts members, producers, media, and many other expect her to do things in certain ways. This can lead to a lot of pressure if one is not too careful.

However, it is part of professionalism to know how to behave when you are under such pressure and therefore, she does not get into any trouble. It is because of this attitude that she remains popular among her fans even though she does not shy away from sharing her opinion especially when it comes to feminism. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Review and Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter

Rebel Wilson is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. Since moving to America from Australia almost two decades ago, she has been featuring in some of the best movies that the industry has seen. She grew and studies in Perth where she lived with her siblings together with their parents.

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