Lime Crime founder shares her story

The internet is a great place to start a business. Unfortunately, most of these business end just as soon as they begin. Thankfully, Doe Deere has been able to find much success with her internet based company. In the article Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere Reveals the Secret behind Female Entrepreneurship, published on, the female entrepreneur give readers a glance into her world.

Doe Deere’s make up journey began when she was only nine years old. The article revealed that while she was at a friend’s sleepover, young Doe and a group of her friends used make up to decorate her face for a “conjuring ritual”. Doe admitted that the makeup made her night more memorable.

The journey from her first encounter with makeup at her friend’s house to creating a brand of make-up of her own could be seen as an inspiration to some. Doe did not always have the dream to start her own make-up line. She utilized the internet to try to make money like many others. Her creation of an EBay store is where she got the Lime Crime name from. It was nothing spectacular to her. When she was prompted to name her store that was the name she gave it. She was happy with the name because it was available and it contained her favorite color. Today the name Lime Crime has took a meaning of rule breaking when it comes to make up.

Doe revealed in the article that she would have probably chosen a different name if she knew that her make-up brand would become so popular. She also revealed that though Lime Crime is an unusual name, it is Google-able.

The entrepreneur revealed that being an internet based company has its ups and downs. One of the main advantages of being an internet company is the ability to receive feedback from customers. Doe feels that it is important to be and stay connected to customers via social media. With the help of social media, customers and fans can expose if they love or hate a certain product. Though the internet allows Lime Crime to be connected to customers, Doe makes known that it can also cause damage. Rumors about Lime Crime and Doe are nothing new. In addition to rumors, misinformation can also spread quickly and possibly damage the reputation of the brand and its owner. Doe revealed in the article that the way she handles rumors and “haters” is by simply ignoring them. She also stated that there are some people that have legitimate concerns and for those individuals a customer care line is available to call.

If you are a follower of Doe Deere or Lime Crime, you will notice that fans are called unicorns. Doe Deere calls these individuals unicorns because they are bold and unique individuals.

At the end of the article Doe stated that she hopes she is able to inspire people that same way that others have inspired her.

Highland Capital Management Is Watching Inflation In Brazil

Investors like James Dondero, the managing director and founder of Highland Capital Management knows that foreign investments have a lot of risks attached to them. James Dondero on nexpointadvisors has been dealing with high-risk investments for 30 years, and he doesn’t like them very much. But when countries like Brazil and China offer the kind of returns they offer for bond investments they are hard to ignore. Dondero has extensive knowledge of the Brazil situation and his company, Highland Capital Management have done a lot of research into the current situation in Brazil for their investors. The prognosis in the short-term is not good, but Highland Capital thinks long-term investments in Brazil will pay off for a couple of reasons.

One reason some investors like James Dondero and Highland Capital will stay the course in Brazil is Brazil’s financial history.  Brazil is the largest exporter of ethanol in the world and the country exports sugar, coffee, soy, oil and other natural resources that are used by many countries around the world, according to Highland Capital. But investors have several concerns at the moment. One is the inflation rate. Another is the political situation and the third one is another downgrade of Brazil’s credit rating by other agencies. If that happens, Highland Capital says investors will be forced to dump Brazilian bonds.

The government under the leadership of President Dilma Rousseff says the financial policy strategy is moving in the right direction. The Central Bank is keeping the interest rate the same at the moment, and that will help bring the 9.5 percent inflation rate down to 4.5 percent next year, according to the Central Bank. Brazil’s Central Bank has already injected money into the economy to shore up the financial structure of the country. But Highland Capital thinks the Brazilian bank will be forced to raise interest rates because of Standard and Poor’s junk credit rating. That downgrade weakened the country’s currency and undermined the government’s budget forecast. The government recently announced budget cuts to closed the shortfall in the 2016 budget, but Highland Capital thinks those cuts will have a hard time passing through Congress.

The decision to cut Brazil’s credit rating to junk instead of investment grade made some investors pull out of the Brazilian market. According to Highland Capital, the risks in Brazil are too great for some investors, but other investors have no choice but ride out the financial and political mayhem.

Highland Capital’s James Dondero says the Central Bank should keep the interest rate where it is, and some bank executives think he’s right. A bank spokesman said the current monetary policy is line with curbing inflation. That announcement made swap rates that are maturing in 2017 jump nine points recently.

Some investors think the lawmakers will not approve the spending cuts and tax increases, and that will help their current investment strategy in Brazil. Fitch and Moody’s rated Brazil’s debt investment grade and that is good news. But some traders are betting that the bank will raise the interest rate to 15 percent, according to swap rates.

Christian Broda Didn’t Give Up On His Dreams

Economists need to be wise in order for people to trust them and believe them on the things that they say, and becoming an economist is no easy feat. Those who set out to make themselves a career in this field have to be brave. They have to be strong, and they have to grow stronger with each passing day. It takes wise people to be trusted when it comes to what people say about the economy, and those who are thinking that being an economist is something that they can do with their life should be considering that.
There are many fields in which one may enter without realizing how hard it is to get to a respected place in it, and those who have chosen to be economists might face that more than anyone. They might not have thought about how challenging the road to becoming respected would be beforehand, and as they work and try to do all of the right things, they might question their career choice. But, if they start to question it, then they should just go back to the reason why they wanted to have this career in the first place. They should consider what made them fall in love with the idea of being an economist, and they should keep pushing on from there.
Christian Broda may or may not have realized how much work it would take to become an economist before he set out to make it happen, but now that he is an economist, he has had a good career for himself. He has been able to work his way to the top, and he has become respected by many people. He was a professor for a time before he got a job with a big company, and he has enjoys everything that he has done in his career. Christian Broda on wallstreetjournal was not intimidated by the amount of work that it took him to become someone who is respected in this field, but instead he kept working until he got to that place.
No one should ever be afraid of doing that, and of pursuing their dreams. Becoming an economist who is respected by everyone may not be the easiest thing to do, but if it is the dream that someone has, then they should do all that they can to make it happen.

Organo Gold Targets Turkey As Its Latest Area For Expansion

The OrganoGold brand has announced it will now be looking to continue its impressive global expansion by moving into the important country of Turkey with its range of gourmet coffee’s. CEO Bernardo Chua is now looking to continue the expansion of the company, which started in a small coffee shop in Richmond, Canada and has now continued into 38 countries prior to its move into Turkey. The range of healthy coffee products available through OrganoGold has seen the products become favorites amongst people of all ages who are looking to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Bernardo Chua has long been a supporter and advocate of using herbal extracts in other products to allow the healthy options available to be taken in by his clients. Amongst the extracts Chua has championed over his time in the multi level marketing industry the Philippines born and Canada based executive has always seen the ganoderma extract found in OrganoGold products as a useful tool in remaining healthy. Chua has used ganoderma in products in the past and has now made this the focus of the OrganoGold coffee that is popular around the world.

Executives at OrganoGold are constantly searching for new areas of the world to expand into as they look to move into new territories to promote the growing range of products and direct selling options offered by the company. Turkey is a popular area for many industries because it is seen as a gateway by OrganoGold for the company to gain a foothold in Asia, Europe and North Africa. PR Newswire reports Turkey is seen as a nation filled with active young people who will see the benefits of the OrganoGold range of ganoderma infused coffee, which can provide antioxidant benefits for those who drink it.

Shaygan Kheradpir Develops Many Innovative Technology Systems

Prominent businessman, Shaygan Kheradpir, believes in developing innovative systems and programs in order to ensure economic security in the United States. Formerly the executive of Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale, California, Shaygan Kheradpir’s comprehensive portfolio of leadership positions at GTE Laboratories, Verizon, and Barclays influenced the successful management of many technological applications during the course of his twenty-year career. As an expert leader, he excels in guiding teams of technologists in their project pursuits which has greatly contributed to his recognition of one of America’s most powerful businessmen. Most prominently, his ample experience in the technology sector encourages him to inspire many professionals to become leaders in their field.

Shaygan Kheradpir on arnnet attended Cornell University where he graduated with a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in electrical engineering. His interest in technology flourished when he accepted his first professional position at GTE Laboratories. At this prominent corporation, he excelled in managerial tasks related to network routing and control systems and, as a result, he gradually assumed the role of Chief Information Officer. In 2000, GTE Corporation partnered with Bell Atlantic to from Verizon. Following the merger, Kheradpir served as the company’s Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer for eleven years. During his long-term employment at Verizon, he was most known over overseeing a team of 7,000 employees who launched innovative IT systems and products such as Verizon One, Iobi, Verizon FiOs. In addition, his department fine-tuned many of Verizon’s existing platforms including the automated customer service, call center, and website. Notably, his profound success at this major corporation led to the acquisition of leadership positions at Barclays and Juniper Networks.

Remarkably, he continued on his technology development pursuit and created customer services product like the Pingit, an European mobile payment application. Subsequently, Kheradpir was quickly promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer during which he reported to Anthony Peter Jenkins who was the Chief Executive Officer from 2012 to 2015. Following his resignation from Barclays, Kheradpir accepted a position as Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks at the beginning of 2014. During his short term at this leading technology corporation, he pursued the advice from activist investors and developed an Integrated Operating Plan to reduce company expenses, purchase stock, and increase dividends. Around Thanksgiving of the same year, Kheradpir departed Juniper Networks to focus on other professional interests.

Kheradpir hopes his former career pursuits will inspire more leaders in the competitive technology sector who are passionate about developing innovative applications.

Handy: Cleaning Up the Home Maintenance Scene.

Everywhere I go, people are complaining about Uber being so expensive. Yet despite all the nagging, they can’t stop taking their taxis. The reason is simple, Uber delivers. It is convenient, time saving and more important it is worth it. These are the qualities that consumers look for in the service industry and are the very same evaluated by Handy in cleaning.

Made possible by Umang DuaandOisin Hanrahan Handybook allows you to order a plumber, cleaner or handyman to your home and with the current levels of technology, you do so from anywhere by use of an app or by visiting their website. All you need to do is fill in the details of the service you require including your location, the nature and kind of work you need done and the time of performing the task. You get to know beforehand the amount of money you shall pay for the service and this works both ways in that the cleaner is not preoccupied with thoughts of being paid less and the customer does not have to worry of having to pay more than was agreed.

The service brand is growing and doing so at an astonishing rate. Under Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners, $12 million was raised in only 2 rounds and a growth rate of 60% in sales for three consecutive months was registered. Based in the City of New York, the company attained a workforce of over 50 people and freelancers numbering thousands who carry out in excess of 10,000 different services every month. The Service Company has spread to25 cities in the United States, 2 in Canada with their first services in Europe being set up in London, UK. In January 2014, Handybook purchased cleaning business Exec from the West Coast for an undisclosed figure though reports indicate the fee was below $10 million.

With thousands of applications having been made to join the Handybook freelancers, Handybook is very careful about who they let represent their brand. A strict screening process exists with only 3% of total applications approved. A success rate that is even lower than Harvard University’s. In the rare event that a customer is dissatisfied with the services, he is refunded and a cost of replacement is given for all damaged property.

Handybook on the other hand gives them a relatively sizable pay of averagely $18 an hour, flexible working hours and enabling her to earn reportable income and as such find it easier to apply for credit cards, car loans and rent. Things they would have had trouble with in the past.

2 years following its birth, it recorded over $1 million worth of bookings daily with 85% of the services rendered being cleaning while plumbing and handiwork made 15%.

Flipora Will Keep People Entertained

When people get on social media multiple times per day they may grow bored of all of the things that they can do on it, even though social media has much to offer. They might wish for something different and something new, and they might be hopeful that something like that will come out for them to use. And, if that is true, then their wishes have just been granted with the new social media app that has come out recently.
Flipora is a social media app that will be sure to keep its users entertained for hours on end without them growing bored in the least. This app is very ambitious in the things that it does, as it allows its users to be able to connect with all of the web pages that they have gone to before and ones that they have never been to, but will be sure to love, and the app has been gaining quite a few users because of the way that it works. People enjoy being able to do something different on social media, since too much of the same can leave them feeling bored, and Flipora offers them something that is perfectly different.
Flipora is so unique from all of its competitors that it will be sure to outdo them in many ways. It allows people to do something like they are not able to do on their other social media apps, and people appreciate that. There is something so fun to them about using an app that offers them a service that is unique, and they are excited to get on Flipora and to see all that it can do for them.
Social media can get to be a bit boring when used all of the time, but that is about to change when one discovers this new app. There is nothing like a fresh, new app to change someone’s perspective on social media.

Bruce Levenson Sells Atlanta Hawks

Basketball is the famous sport in the United States. The game is characterized by tall players whose aim is to entertain and score goals. It is always a celebrated affair to have a win in each match. The basketball teams have an associated dubbed the NBA that is in charge of all affairs concerning basketball in the US. The popularity of the clubs has made the NBA the most famous league in the United States to date.

History of the Hawks

Atlanta Hawks is a basketball club that is part of the NBA and based in Atlanta. They use the Philips Arena as their base of operation, and home ground. The club was acquired in 2004 together with the Arena and the Atlanta Thrashers. The acquisition cost $210,000 million. Later, the owners decided to sell the Thrashers at an enormous profit. At $170,000, the Thrashers had offered the ownership a huge profit, just three years after acquisition.
In 2011, plans were underway to sell the Hawks with the Arena. It was however not successful because the board of management decline to support the decision. The owners took it lightly and postponed the sale. In 2015, a deal to sell the club was signed by the owners. The club had been estimated to fetch about $1 billion. However, Goldman Sacs sold it for $730 million to Anthony Ressler’s team. It was an enormous profit for the owner.
After the sale, analysts pointed out that the Hawks could have been sold for a much higher fee. However, Goldman Sacs refuted the claims and insisted that a higher price would have discouraged potential buyers.

Billionaire Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson has owned the Hawks from 2004. Since that time, the experience billionaire has had other investments that have given higher profits in equal measure. The billionaire and strategic investor made a profit from the sale of the Thrashers in 2007, and intended to do the same in 2011. When the plan to sell the Hawks was turned down in 2011, he seemed to understand. On that note, his patience paid heavily by giving him high profits. For accompany acquired for a few millions, he was able to get an amount slightly short of a billion dollars. The basketball investments are famous in the US given the fame and celebrity status that the owners are accorded.

The new owners

Forbes’ Bruce Levenson sold the Hawks to a team led by Tony Ressler. The ambitious team tabled their bid with the best hopes of acquiring the club. Their proposal was accepted, being the best.

How OrganoGold is Creating Business Opportunities

With the rising use of technology even in business, internet services have enhanced the global interaction hence expanding the boundaries between which business activities can thrive. This is why Bernardo Chua decided to venture into business and pursue a career in multi-level market via internet platforms. His idea was greatly influenced by his passion for helping other and through his online business he has been able to create employment for thousands of people around the world. He has been working and creating business opportunities in his online platform by providing a several lines of products hence maximizing the number of clientele.

OrganoGold is one of his greatest invention and through this company, thousands of people have been employed. The company has grown to become one of the greatest online marketing organizations using the binary strategy of marketing. It is a very simple process whereby the distributors sells out products offered by the company and once you have made a sale, you earn a commission. Another way of making money through this system is by recruiting other distributors of whose work will earn you a commission also. The company is able to distribute its wealth among the distribution chain by removing the middlemen from the chain of supply.

The creative use of the internet platform to create the much needed employment for people all over the world has earned the company great recognition from various quarters. First in the list is the Napoleon Hill Foundation that has recognized the OrganoGold products and to be precise its coffee. OrganoGold has capitalized on the fact that coffee is the most consumed product and beverage around the world. As such, the company recognized how dealing with this product would be of great advantage to its operations and an addition to its returns. The company has been very strict about products that are sold through its platform.

Currently, the OrganoGold Company provides the quickest way of making money globally using the internet. This is a great opportunity for people around the world considering the fact that job opportunities are rapidly dwindling. The marketing strategy in used by the company is very effective hence guaranteeing great returns to both the manufactures and the distributors.

Famous Brazilian Literature Writers

Brazilians pride themselves for their diverse culture tracing back from their ancient history. The rich Brazilian literature is constructed in tandem with Portugal’s historical culture, which happened to be Brazil’s colony before independence. This very integration of culture has infused Brazilians local distinctive native culture and traditions with unique beliefs, customs, and traditions. This fact has enabled Brazilian native writers to showcase their patriotism through creative writing. Today, Brazil courtesy of their gorgeous culture, has managed to breed some of the finest literature writers, than anywhere else in the world.

To begin with, Jaime Garcia Dias has emerged as an iconic player in Brazilian literature. Dias’ interest in literature began at a young age, when he was still only 15 years of age. Before he began his schooling, he could write stories pertaining to their family life. Today, Dias is an acclaimed author, and as of today, the year 2015, he has managed to write and publish over 20 books within the fiction genre. Dias now joins a list of Brazilian writers who have won prestigious awards for their creative masterpiece. In addition, Dias has succeeded towards contribution in literature education in institutions of higher learning. He secured a five year stint as an instructor at the prestigious Carioca Literature Academy, and currently he works as the president of the school.

Another well-known Brazilian writer is Jorge Amado (1912-2001). He was regarded highly for his astonishing works such as Gabriela, Clove, and Cinnamon (1958), Captain of the Sands (1937), and Donna Flor and Her Two Husbands (1937).

We also have Paulo Coelho (1947-). He is arguably the best selling literature artist today. His works have special meaning because this very literature artist had a very rocky start in life. Due to Coelho’s perceived introspection and rebellious attitude during the early stages in life, his parents were forced to send him to a mental institution, whereby, he was only released when he turned 20 years of age. Immediately thereafter he regained his conscious, and started touring the world by engaging in singing and songwriting activities. After Coelho discovered his writing talents, he began his journey towards literature, and as a result, he has emerged as one of the best-selling and inspirational Brazilian author.

Adriana Lisboa (1970- ) is another remarkable player in the writing industry. She was born in Rio de Janeiro and currently she resides in Colorado. Her works focus extensively on characters rotating in different cultures and languages apart from Portuguese and Brazil. Her main interest is to reach diverse population that covers individuals from all walks of life.