Forbes 500 Company Computer Sciences Corporation and Eric Pulier

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is a global leader in professional information technology services and solutions, using only the best industry solutions, domain expertise and global scale to serve clients for over 50 years.

Started in April 16, 1959 by Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones, CSC began by providing programming tools such as Compiler and assembling software.

In the 60s, it provided software writing services for major computer manufacturers, of which included IBM and Honeywell, and secured contracts for the US public sector with NASA and other companies. By 1963, CSC had already become the largest software company in the US and was first to be listed on the American Stock Exchange.

Company headquarters remained at El Segundo, California up until 2008, where headquarters relocated to Annandale, Virginia. Eric Pulier joined Computer Sciences Corporation in order to manage its cloud-computing department as Vice President and General Manager in 2013.

Now, Computer Sciences Corporation reports $12.2 billion in revenue, has over 70,000 employees in over 70 countries, has remained in the Fortune 500 since 1995, ranking 162 in 2012, is in Forbes Global 2000 list, and was even ranked 8th in Software Magazine’s Software 500, which ranked the world’s largest software and service providers.

About Eric Pulier
Eric Pulier went to Harvard University, where he studied English and American Literature, Computer Science, and Visual and Environmental Studies. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988 with a Bachelors Degree. Nowadays, Pulier is a father of four and serves on the board of The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children with chronic illnesses, and the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation.

Pulier is also founder of over 15 companies, some of which include Akana, Desktone, and Media Platform. Chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, he created and executed the Presidential Exhibition in 1997 – called “The Bridge to the 21st Century” – for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. As a result, he was asked by Morley Winograd, the Vice president’s Senior Domestic Policy Advisor, to join him on the board when he became Chairman of the Center for Telecommunications Management at the USC Marshal School, where Pulier served for 4 years. Currently, Pulier works as Founder and Executive Director for Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Chief Executive Officer and Co – Founder of ServiceMesh, Founder of Desktone, and Founder and Executive Chairman at Akana.

Adam Sender is one of the biggest names in Art Collecting

While there are many famous works from hundreds of years ago, there are also hundreds of artists contributing to the world of art everyday. There are many high profile art collectors out there today, but one of the greatest art collectors out there is Adam Sender. Adam started from humble beginnings, and over time he has been able to give back to this industry in many wonderful ways.

Adam Sender started out as a hedge fund manager during the early nineties. He worked with several different companies and he was a natural in this profession. He was able to rise to the top because he was able to see what was going to happen. Adam made millions by being one of the hottest commodities in the world of hedge fund management.
While Adam was an extremely valuable asset to the world of hedge fund management, he longed to be engaged in an interesting and exciting hobby. Almost entirely on a whim he jumped into the world of art collecting. He loved modern art, as he was taken in by the amazing visuals, and the wonderful statements that artists are able to make with their materials.

Over the course of the nineties, Adam jumped into the hobby of art collecting. He contacted several high quality curators who helped him build one of the greatest collections of art in the world. He showed a strong performance towards modern art, but he has several classical pieces in his collection as well. As he went into the 2000s, he had one of the most valuable collections in the world.

While Adam has emerged as an extremely powerful name in the world of art collecting, he has not hesitated to give back to the community. Recently, he held an art exhibit at one of his homes in Miami Beach. This exhibit displayed more than a hundred of the best works within his own collection.

Adam has also recently auctioned off around 400 works from his collection. The auction house Sotheby’s held the auction and the pieces in the collection fetched around $70 million. This successful auction shows just how wise Adam has been in building his collection in recent years.

The world of art collecting is extremely dynamic, with new and exciting art collectors always emerging. One of the best art collectors in the world of collecting is Adam Sender. Adam has built an extremely large collection over the course of the last twenty years, and now he is giving back consistently.

A Writer Named Jaime Garcia Dias

On his Facebook it says that Jaime Garcia Dias is a Brazilian author and educator who, at the age of 45, has already had 20 books published. What’s even more impressive than his output, however, is that Dias’ work is collecting accolades form the literary and publishing world. As well as critical acclaim, Dias was recently given the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Award. It’s an award of which he is rightly proud, and which has come after years of dedication and effort.

Dias is a Brazilian who was born in Rio De Janeiro. His mother, a writer, and his father, a notable architect in the region, were highly educated people who instilled a love of higher learning in him. Dias has had a life long love affair with literature, which manifested itself in his career as an educator. He taught for five years at the Carioca Literary School in Brazil. The school is a prep school for students who wish to pursue careers in literature,and Dias was obviously a great fit for the school.

Early Influences

Dias credits his study of great authors as a key to his success. One of the writers who greatly influenced him is Jorge Amado (1912-2001). Amado is a widely celebrated author whose comedic style and whimsical depiction of daily life in Brazil brought him a huge international audience. His book “Dona Flor and her Two Husbands” (1966) was made into a critically acclaimed film that won wide recognition.

Dias has often cited the brilliant humor of Amado’s writing as an inspiration to him, and often credits the inspiring writers of an earlier era as a key to his ongoing dedication to his own career.

There’s no question that Dias himself has much promise ahead for him. Even at this relatively early stage in his career, he has clearly made a mark for himself as a notable Brazilian author.

Doe Deere Has Lived Confidently

Many people have a love for makeup and doing something different with it, but not too many people actually do anything with the passion that they feel inside. Most people just put on the same makeup items as their friends and call it a day. But not one woman. Doe Deere has been doing things her own way since she was just a young girl, and she has never been afraid to let her personality show through in her look. Whether she has had her hair dyed purple or pink, and whether she has been playing in a band or trying out different makeups and posting the looks online, Doe Deere has always been someone who has been very bold. She’s been a brave and confident woman, and she is someone who others should strive to be a bit more like.
Doe Deere shared on, she has loved makeup since she was young, and she has been doing many crazy things with it ever since then. She has grown in her understanding of makeup through the years, and she has even gone so far as to start up a makeup brand of her own. She knew that she wanted to do something that was completely different with the brand, so she put all of her ideas together and created Lime Crime.
If there is one woman who has stood out as being someone who is not afraid of what others think of her it is Doe Deere. She has not let others get her down in anything that she has done, and it is the confidence that she has always had in herself that has driven her to success with her brand. If she had not been confident that she could do all of the things that she set her mind to, then she would not have been able to make the brand happen. If she had not believed in the power of having a look that is different with one’s makeup, then she would not have had the idea behind the brand. It is because she has lived differently, and because she has lived confidently, that Doe Deere has been so successful, and that is something for everyone to keep in mind.

How You Can Brush Up on Your Wikipedia Writing Skills

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites on the entire internet. If you have ever used a search engine, you have probably noticed that Wikipedia is one of the top results for nearly every search you have made. Wikipedia is so popular because anybody is able to edit articles on Wikipedia or create them from scratch. Like everything else in life, Wikipedia has its own set of rules that content editors need to follow.

The easiest way to become acclimated with Wikipedia is by reading the rules and tips that Wikipedia has on their website. Tips can be found outside of Wikipedia themselves, but the official rules are always located on their website.

Nearly every single Wikipedia article is in the proper format, and only the least popular, newest articles with the least information are commonly improperly formatted. The title and lead paragraph should be relatively short, and the topic that the article covers should be not be very broad. Articles with more than fifty kilobytes of text should be shortened and condensed.

Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia service content provider that specializes in creating and editing articles. They truly are one of the most popular businesses of its type, and the most reputable. Get Your Wiki also provides clients with translation services, for existing articles, or articles you want Get Your Wiki to create: it is possible to have your article translated into every language Get Your Wiki’s employees are familiar with. If you are interested in reading or learning more about Get Your Wiki, visit them on their official website at

Keep in mind that readers from around the world are able to view any Wikipedia article they want. Avoid using terms or phrases that others might not understand if they do not know English, and using colloquial phrases. Slang terms might not translate very well, and end up having the opposite meaning they were intended to.

Use references when adding information to Wikipedia, or when reading about them. It is easy to add a link to a web page and disclose it in the footnotes under the “References” tab on a Wikipedia page.  If readers wanted to be entertained when reading, they would read something else than Wikipedia, which is intended to inform readers.

CCMP Capital Continues Successful Track Record of Financial Growth

Finding consistent financial growth is difficult, especially in these times. What’s even harder is finding companies that maintain that growth for long periods of time. There are very few financial organizations on that have the pedigree and track record of successful financial ventures that CCMP Capital has.

CCMP Capital was originally formed from the original capital investment arm of JP Morgan Chase back in 2006. Since their humble beginnings, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has grown to become a huge force in private equity investments. Currently, it has recorded over $12 billion of investments through leveraged buyouts and growth capital transactions. The company had the distinct privilege of being noted as the 17th biggest private defined provider in the world in the year 2007. The company has expanded since its beginnings to markets such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and London.

CCMP Capital originally started as a subsidiary of Chemical Bank, Chemical Venture Partners back in 1984. Chase Manhattan Bank purchased the equity firm from the chemical company in 1996 and renamed Chase Capital Partners to reflect not only the change in ownership but also give homage to the original company. Four years later, the company was renamed again to JP Morgan Partners. The company quickly grew through the integration of other businesses into its portfolio, including The Beacon Group, Manufactures Hanover, Robert Fleming and Co., and other investment houses.

Stephen Murray, the former president and CEO of CCMP Capital was instrumental in the continued growth and success of the company. Through his leadership, the company was re-created after a spinoff occurred from the founding JP Morgan Chase investment conglomerate. In 2007, Murray was named the CEO and president.

Murray has held numerous CEO and executive positions with major companies in a number of fields, including board positions at AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Aramark, Warner Chilcott and other prominent consumer related companies. Under Murray’s guidance and leadership, CCMP is once again branching out into new fields in the financial world.

Recently the company finished its initial capital raising campaign for a new fund it is developing, amassing over $3 billion in newest commitments from investors. The new fund, called CCMP Capital Investors II is the first started under the original CCMP Capital since its split from JB Morgan Chase. The fund was backed with $3.5 billion in initial capital pledges.

Regardless of the outlook in the general economy, companies like CCMP Capital continue to bring winning advanced strategies and investments to its loyal followers and investors.

Pittsburgh Steelers Director of Strategic Planning and Growth Susan McGalla Faced Unique Challenges as a Woman in Business

Susan McGalla has only been with the Pittsburg Steelers for a short time, but she has been a fan her whole life. She was born and raised in nearby East Liverpool, Ohio, where she lived with her parents and her two brothers. She has said that her football coach father refused to cut her any slack just because she was a girl and it is partly for this that she was able to succeed in business when many other women have failed.

Like many woman who entered the male dominated world of business, Susan McGalla has faced some unique challenges along the way. In the early part of her career, she began working at American Eagle, a company that she stayed with for 15 years until 2009. She has said that when she began working there it was a very male dominated company, and there were no woman executives or board members. In fact, McGalla began her career at American Eagle as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. Eventually she worked her way up the ranks and became both President and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) of the company by 2003, a position she held for six years.

She has also said that by not focusing on breaking the glass ceiling, she was able to work on her career goals without worrying about what kinds of prejudice existed. Instead she focuses on letting her achievements and her abilities speak for themselves, and encourages people to concentrate on their own skills and abilities when trying to succeed, rather than worrying about the perceptions of others.

Because of the her success, she has had the opportunity to speak to organization about how women can succeed in business. In particular she has been a featured speaker at Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEO. She enjoys speaking to these groups, because she wants to be able to serve as inspiration for young girls and early career woman who want to succeed in the male dominated business world.

McGalla is also a great example for women who want to be able to balance a career and a family. She is currently married, with two children and balances her business career with the Pittsburgh Steelers while still finding plenty of time to spend with her husband and children. Susan McGalla is proof that a successful woman can really have it all if the work hard and stick to their dreams and goals.

Always Keep Dogs Energized By Feeding Them Beneful

Anyone who’s ever had frostbite can tell others how painful and excruciating it can be. Frostbite can lead to the loss of limbs as well as digits, and it’s something that many people suffer from each year. Frostbite happens when a person is out in the elements too long, and they start to lose blood circulation in the part of their body that has been exposed to the cold too long. The same way that a human can get frostbite is no different for a dog. Dogs can suffer from the cold, and it’s not impossible for dogs to die from being in the cold too long.

Being in excessive cold for too long can affect dogs negatively, and some pet owners are not considering their dogs needs when it comes to cold weather. If the weather drops below 30°F, then it’s possible for pipes to freeze, and this means that it’s extremely cold outside. It’s not wise for dogs to be out in weather that’s under 30°F, even if they have thick fur that helps to keep them warm.

The best way to care for a dog that is outdoors in cold weather is by keeping them in some sort of a dog house. If a dog has to be in a garage, then the dog may have a better chance of staying warm than if they stay outside of the house, but it may be wise to bring in a portable heater into the garage. Bring the dog a blanket that only the dog will use so the dog can snuggle up in it and keep warm during the cold weather. Make sure that the dog has enough water and food, such as Beneful, especially if they stay outdoors overnight.

Beneful is food that many dog owners choose to feed their pets, and many pets gain a lot of energy from Beneful on Beneful is great to feed dogs when the weather gets cold, especially since a dog may lose energy because of the fact that they get less exercise by staying indoors to keep warm. If a dog can gain energy from Beneful, then they should still be able to keep up, even if they are only playing around the house. Proper care of a dog is necessary to help keep them through the winter months until the weather is warm again. If the weather fluctuates, and it goes from being freezing to a warm, then the dog can be

James Dondero: Leading Highland Capital to Greater Heights

Jim Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management, a company he cofounded with Mark Okada in 1993. The company is a global alternative asset manager dealing with and an investment adviser certified by the SEC. The company offers credit solutions to a wide array of investors, and its products include private equity, mutual funds, REITs and hedge funds. Highland has, for the most part, invested in healthcare, energy and real estate. It is headquartered in Dallas and has expanded to Asia and South America.

The firm that has been ranked in the top 1% of long/short term equity has grown to manage over $20B in assets under ther management of James Dondero on linkedin. Highland has won a number of accolades including the Lipper Fund Awards, recognized as one of Best Place to Work by the Dallas Business Journal and the most Improved CLO by Creditflux. The Wall Street Journal also named them as a category king in Global Allocation.

He is the Portfolio Manager of a number of companies including NexPoint Credit Strategies, NexPoint Advisors and also at NexPoint Capital Inc, where he was also appointed as President last year. He has also served as the President and CEO of NexPoint Credit and the Highland Floating Rate Advantage Fund.
He is credited as being one of the pioneers of Collateralized Loan Obligation otherwise known as CLO. James graduated with a Bachelors degree in Commerce from the McIntire school of Commerce in the University of Virginia. He specialized in Accounting and Finance and graduated with highest honours.
He went through the JP Morgan training program in finance in the year after he finished college. He was hired by American Express where he managed around $1B in assets. He then joined the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life and in the 4 years that he worked there grew the company to manage about $2B in assets. Mr. Dondero’s management experience ranges from high-yield bonds and mortgage-backed securities to real estate and preferred stocks.

Earlier this year, Mr Dondero was appointed to the board of NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. as the Chairman of its board. The company which is publicly traded counts a subsidiary of Highland Capital Management as its advisor and is involved in buying and selling of real estate. Dondero, who was brought on together with Arthur Laffer were praised highly by the firms CFO because of their expertise.

He is the Chairman of CCS Medical Corporation, NexBank, where he is a majority stakeholder and Cornerstone Healthcare. He also serves on the boards of Metro Goldwyn Mayer and American Banknote, which prints stock and bond certificates.
Mr. Dondero has been involved actively in philanthropy. He has given to a number of programmes including the American Heart Association, Reserve Aid and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

He is an avid writer, and he pushes out content on his personal website.

CCMP Capital Advisors Have New Investment Goals

When Stephen Murray decided to break away from the JPMorgan Chase & Co. in 2006, he made a lot of investors of happy. Murray was an astute investor and excellent deal maker on, and CCMP Capital Advisors was a perfect fit for him. Murray and his partners specialize in growth equity investments and middle-market leveraged buyouts. The company raised a $3.6 billion fund last year. As a founding partner, Mr. Murray got to do what he loved, and that was investing in companies in the energy, retail and healthcare industries. It is was not uncommon for CCMP to invest $100 million in a transaction, and many transaction were much more than that amount. Murray played a critical part in the Quiznos Corp investment as well as the Cabela’s Inc. deal. Murray spent more than 30 years in the investment industry and made a considerable impact on his partners and clients.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has offices in New York, Texas and London. The company has rebounded nicely from an internal reorganization. Managing Director Jonathan Lynch handles investor relations and director Richard Zannino co-heads the firm’s retail and consumer practice. That segment of the company oversees financial issues. Dina Colombo is now chief operating officer as well as the chief financial officer, and former CFO, Marc Unger now works on special projects for the firm. Timothy Walsh is another managing director, and he is responsible for the industrial segment of the business. Colombo says CCMP has enough money in their fund to go after some ripe new investments in 2016.

The company’s main thrust in 2016 is to focus on buyouts and growth equity investments in Europe and North America. The managing directors have several strategies in mind for a couple of retail chains as well as a company or two in the energy industry. Even though oil has hit what some investors call rock bottom, CCMP feels the current situation presents some great opportunities for mergers and buyouts because of the current condition of some small oil companies. Dina Colombo thinks that now is the time to put a deal together in the oil sector for several reasons. She says the price and the supply of oil are hurting small oil companies. Making a deal now would make small oil companies financially stronger and they will be able to ride out the current abundance of oil in storage.

The retail industry also has some very interesting investment opportunities. Thanks to the Internet, retail chains are struggling to beat last year’s figures. That trend is expected to continue especially if a global recession develops in 2016.