Is George Soros Really Supporting A Right-Wing Super-Pac?

If you have seen one of the more recent anti-Kasich television ads from the pro Ted Cruz super pac, Trusted Leadership, you will likely be wondering if it’s contents are actually true. If you take the ad to be true on it’s face then you will be aware that there is a shadowy, liberal conspiracy on created by the evil and Machiavellian mastermind, George Soros, to set up Ohio governor, John Kasich as a presidential Trojan horse. The as alleges that Mr. Soros has bankrolled Kasich’s financial super pacs with hundreds of thousands of dollars at around the same time George Soros was also giving massive donations to the Hillary Clinton campaign’s super pac. This notion has caught on like bad cold at many independent and well known political and financial websites all over the net – but here a question needs to be raised.

But are any of these allegations actually true, or are they half truths or outright falsities? According to Tom Sutton of a senior political science administrator at BWU, the answer is most certainly the latter. Sutton explains that the notion that Mr. George Soros would be able to donate secretly and consistently into Kasich’s super pacs is absurd as it would break all of the rules and restrictions of campaign finance. The rules are very clear, as anyone who has spent anytime around politics knows, super pacs are powerful, as they had no maximum cap limit, but they are also demanding, requiring complete transparency in regards to the individual or group who made the given donation on

It’s been said that if you want to hear something it’s best to hear it from the horses mouth – with that said let’s now take a look at the facts, at the actual donors and donations made to Kasich’s campaign on The first thing which needs to be said is that Soros himself has not made any direct donations to New Day For America, Kasich’s super pac. However, two individuals closely tied to Soros have indeed made campaign contributions. The other gentleman, a Mr. Stanley Druckenmiller, donated $ 450,000 to Kasich’s campaign super pac.

So what can be drawn from all of this? Nothing. Even though there is a connection between George Soros on bloomberg and Kasich it does not stand to reason that it is a intentional on on the Hungarian billionaires part. Why? Because super pac’s and the candidates who profit from them are not allowed direct contact which means that Kasich wouldn’t know the two gentlemen who donated to him, nor that they had previous dealings with Soros. Also, if this is supposed to be a clever conspiracy to skyrocket Kasich’s campaign it simply isn’t working.

Fabletics Gets Exposure Through Marie Claire

Their Facebook page has become one of the athletic brands that is easy to recognize because the brand is an echelon above the other sports gear that is out there. Women that are looking for an opportunity to work out will be thrilled to discover that Kate Hudson is concerned about gym gear and comfort for women.

She spoke with Marie Claire about her Fabletics clothing line, and she seems to be quite confident in the power of stylish and comfortable clothes. That is why she has put forth so much time into creating a brand that is affordable, comfortable and stylish. This is a rare trio of elements, and Hudson is well aware of this. That is why she has taken the time to actually endorse the product herself.

JustFab has it that many customers that visit the website will be able to see Hudson in place in her new activewear line. They will be able to see her in commercials for Fabletics stores. It is a labor of love, and many people are thrilled by what Fabletics is bringing to the consumers that are in need of these clothes.

The brand is something that represents a new day in the fashion world. She has managed to get the word out about the brand by talking about this new line every chance that she gets. There are also a lot of commercials that are coming into focus for those customers that will be seeing new stores soon. A hundred stores are going to be opening in the next five years, and people have become interested in seeing what this brand offers.

This is the type of company that is bound to attract a lot of people that may have never considered working out before. Kate knows this, and she is prepared to provide customers with insight. More people are impressed with how this brand has managed to thrive in the last several months as it gets more promotion. There are more commercials and more interviews for this brand. The excitement is in the air, and people are talking about what Fabletics represents. is a magazine that lots of females read. It is the type of magazine that highlights a lot of current trends, and the interview will certainly help Kate move forward with the brand.

More people are discovering this brand through print media, and the success of the company is shown through all the praise that magazines are giving this brand. Kate Hudson still has a lot ground to cover, but she has built a strong foundation. This has given her the ability to secure a brand that will continue to flourish as more people get the opportunity to put this workout gear.

Sam Tabar Knows Investing

The world of investing can be very confusing. People may find they have a basic grasp of terms such as stocks, bonds and interest but do not know very much about other issues related to investing. This is why people turn to investment professionals such as Sam Tabar. Tabar knows the field of investing very well, having spent much of his career assisting those in search of useful investing advice. He knows that clients rely on him for assistance as they consider the right kind of investing strategy for their needs. Tabar offers people the kind of advice they know they can trust and rely on in an ever changing investment scene.

Skilled Investing Assistance

Many of his clients from Lawyerist have an overall investment plan but still welcome advice that can help them sort out their potential investment options. They may know about how to create a 401k to dedicate a portion of their salary to their retirement needs or how to buy bonds. However, they may not know how to create a personalized investment plan that takes into account their changing investment needs as they go from one stage of life to the next. This is where Tabar comes in. Working with Tabar can help anyone sort out their options and figure out which particular options are right for them at any given time.

His Background

Tabar has an impressive background in many areas of business and finance as well as that of law. He grew up in the United Kingdom where he attended college. After graduating from one of the nation’s most prestigious colleges. Tabar traveled to the United States to complete his education. He made his home base in New York City where he attended law school at Columbia University. Excelling academically again, he earned his degree here and decided to make this part of the world his home base.

His Present Day Work

Since that time, Tabar has been assisting clients from all walks of life and backgrounds who appreciate his help in making sense of the world of investing. He has helped many clients determine which particular investments are right for them. His work has been as an advisor to those who need his help in making sense of the investing scene. This has helped him create a base of happy clients who are pleased with his services and continue to look to him for help.  Currently he’s the COO of FullCycle Fund, and is also running his own work through GoFundMe where Sam is helping the charity AWI.

Yeonmi Park’s Story Sheds Light on The Fight for Human Rights in North Korea

Soon to be released on Amazon, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” by Yeonmi Park details how the young woman along with her family escaped dark times living in North Korea and China to finally make it to freedom in Seoul, South Korea at age 15. While, she saw much danger and many lose their lives during the harrowing experience, she didn’t let her difficult experiences dim her light, however, and today, still in her early twenties, she is already a well- known human rights activist. Yeonmi Park voiced her own testimony in this book to shed light on not only her story but the oppression that continues today in North Korea.

The North Korean defector first shared her story at the 2014 One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland- videos on the Youtube website. Soon, she became known globally and began doing more public speaking and writing about her journey. As she is outspoken about her views against the North Korean regime, advocating for human rights in the country, she has seen opposition from the North Korean government, who recently ran a campaign on NK denouncing views as propaganda. If their regime is this concerned about one twenty-two year old young woman’s telling the public about what she has been through, then her fight for her people must be warranted. Park believes in the possibility of unification between North Korea and South Korea and continues to speak out Kim Jong-Un and in favor of other defectors fighting for human rights. The fight against the North Korean government’s oppression of it’s citizens will be a long and hard one but a worthy battle for those like Park who are willing to open up and start the conversation.


Coriant’s Transformations and Innovations in Optical Transport

Coriant as an independent company has been on existence since 2013 but its origin and formation dates back to 35 years ago. All along the years, Coriant has been consistent in provision of technology solutions and products that serve networking companies. It has constantly unleashed new products and strengthened existing ones to curb the challenges of the rising demands of network users around the globe.

Coriant is among the top few companies that deliver Tier 1 networks in the world. Their products include hardware and software that are used for optical transmission for mobile network operators, data and cloud center providers and different enterprises. Its technology comes from its well experienced founding partners Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks.

Coriant is one company that has been able to keep pace with the rapid growing world of network demands. Networking companies face challenges that need great bandwidths, better management of the increasing data users and better use of their network value. To match these challenges, Coriant has a multi layer transport system that is very flexible, measurable and easy to use. The multi layer packet optical combined with the Software Defined Networking (SDN) enabled End- to-End solution is bringing more powerful innovations and ease in the telecommunication sector.

Coriant’s has brought a revolution in the Cloud connectivity through its innovation of a ‘compact, power efficient and highly programmable Data Center Interconnect (DCI)’ solution through the Groove G30 DCI Platform. Their Smart Router Series has led to a smart Mobile Backhaul evolution. Coriant’s recent innovation of Coriant Light IP Solutions benefits network providers all the more since it allows for a cost disruptive architecture for scaling networks which allows them to meet the unpredictable traffic demands and increase their network value and performance.

The success of Coriant and its great innovations are a result of having a well qualified team led by a well experienced business and technologist, Shaygan Kheradpir, the new CEO.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s experience

Shaygan Kheradpir expertise in the telecommunication and financial field is impressive. From his basic education to professional specialization, Kheradpir has accrued great knowledge and experience in the field. He has 3 degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He has over 28 years of telecommunication industry experience.

Kheradpir great experience comes from working with reputable companies like GTE, Verizon Communications, Barclays and Juniper Networks. In Juniper where he worked before joining Coriant, he was the CEO. In spite of the high competition related to his area of work, Kheradpir has made recognizable efforts and innovations in the industry. He has been a board member of U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

DEVCO’s Present Financial Trials

Press of Atlantic City reports that the Middlesex County Authority has for the past five years missed over $7 million in missed payments on a $20 million loan made by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. And they just added to that by missing another $1 million principal payment. The original loan was made in 2005 for the purpose of funding the construction of a new hotel and conference center.

The hotel opened in 2007 right before the national economic hard times and has struggled to get guests ever since. This is why its lawyer says it will be at least a couple more years before his clients can make any payments. Its present financial downturn should not be seen to mean that the company is a failure and has always been doomed to die. The non-profit company that borrowed this money, New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO), is pretty hard up for funds.

New Brunswick Development Corporation was first established in the mid-1970s as a means to spur on city growth through real estate development and construction. And the present booming state of the city owes much to its work. It could not have achieved such without Devco’s assistance. During its many years of existence, the company has overseen around $1.6 billion of work.




Solo Capital is Sanjay Shah’s Success Story


Success is a concept that people dream about often but Sanjay Shah is a millionaire success story that owes his fortune to his own keen wit and business acumen. When faced with challenges in life, he has never been timid and taking positive and correct action has allowed Shah to build Solo Capital into one of the more successful boutique investment firms in the world. It isn’t a path that he embarked on in the beginning but it is the trail that led to fortune, success and making a difference in the world.

Shah originally wanted to study medicine in his early days of college, but changed his mind and major, switching to finance. The medical field’s loss was definitely his financial gain. After he graduated, he began his career in finance and joined a string of well known and reputable financial investment firms. Through each stop, Shah both did well but found the ten hour days a bit taxing and in many cases a mismanagement of time. In 2009 the financial crisis hit and that put a clear choice in front of Shah. Sit around and hope his job didn’t get cut which was not very likely, or branch out on his own and start his own brokerage house and that is how Solo Capital Markets was conceived and born.

Solo Capital according to Comapny Check UK, grew into the successful business that it became pretty quickly, as clients were added and not only was it successful in United Kingdom but all over the world. The philosophy was simple, hire good people and provide clients with the most in depth, honest and lucrative guidance and service for their investments. The company had specialists working in different areas including talent acquisition, proprietary trading, consulting, commodities and professional sports investment. The company simply continued to grow. It got to a point where Shah decided that he could and should retire and leave the company he created in order to spend more time with his family.

Retirement to Sanjay Shah doesn’t mean what it means to most people. He has dedicated the bulk of his time into creating and organizing a charitable organization called Autism Rocks. This is a string of concerts featuring the most popular artists of the day. These concerts are invitation only. They provide a major source of revenue for autism research, treatment and also raise awareness. Shah has a personal interest in finding a cure as his youngest child was diagnosed with the affliction.

It is clear that in all that Sanjay Shah does it leads to success. From business interest at Solo Capital to charitable endeavors at Autism Rocks, one common thread exists. The project will become a success and that is because Shah knows how to promote and build a business and provides value.

Dog Food is Becoming Better and Consumers are Noticing

It is hard not to notice all the new dog food that this hitting the market. It is becoming a lot more expensive, and I have seen the better grade of ingredients that are now being incorporated into these foods. I notice because I am a dog owner that has to do more research and investigate what is the best food for my dog.

I like the Beneful brand because this is something that my dogs eat quickly. They seem to love this food. I like the food, and I am impressed with that this brand has done. The Daily Herald has reported that a lot of the dog food brands are using better choices of meat. I know that Beneful uses the salmon, chicken and beef. These are good meat choices that most dogs love.

One thing that has surprised me was the mixture of meats and vegetables. This is what Beneful has done to provide some high quality dog food, and it has worked. I would not have believed that it would have worked if I was the one making a decision to create this, but the creators knew what they were doing. They created a brand of dog food that would prove to be nutritious and very rich.

Dog food has evolved in a lot of different ways. Ingredients like lamb are increasing in popularity. Organic foods are also getting a spotlight in the dog food industry. There is a lot to consider when it comes to high quality, and more people are starting to do the research. If I am going to pay more for the dog food that I am getting I want to know that it is going to be worth the price.

Beneful has always made me feel like I was buying food that was a step above the rest. The quality dog food explosion didn’t catch me by surprise. I knew that Beneful was cooking up better food choices that many of the other brands out there. It just took the other brands a little time to catch up to the leader.




Fabletics Works Toward A Brighter Future


The new and improved Pinterest collection is fast approaching, according to sources at, and it offers more job opportunities along with the hopes of satisfying more customers. The activewear company wants to open 75 to 100 new stores over the next three to five years, with this spring already holding the promise of it’s seventh store opening. By doing this Fabletics can accommodate a much larger clientele base to satisfy more customer needs. Not only will shoppers get to experience the pleasure of trying on Fabletic’s clothing in person, but they will also be greeted by in store staffers who will recruit shoppers to join the brand’s subscription service.

Each 2-3 piece Fabletics outfit is priced around $100, but as a VIP member, the same outfits are half the price. Shipping is free for every purchase and the first VIP purchase is automatically discounted to $25. The subscription service also sends discounted items once a month that charge customer credit cards accordingly. Tips from the Krazy Coupon Lady shed light on some very important facts that people tend to overlook while signing up for the online subscription. If a VIP member does not login between the first and fifth of any month to notify the site that they would like to skip a month, then their account will be credited for one outfit. Outfits of members never ship out without being approved, so once you log in you can put the credit toward whatever you want to buy. This is part of the problem that people are having the most trouble with, most likely because they get excited and sign up to become a VIP member before fully understanding all the rules and regulations of doing so.

Although the Fabletics site has a reputation for allegedly being a scam, Adam Goldenberg, the co-founder and CEO of JustFab (Fabletic’s parent company), had reported they are now receiving about five to 10 complaints a month. Of course, Goldenberg goes on to say, “five to 10 complaints is five to 10 too many, but in a typical month we’re sending out 800,000 items.” The Better Business Bureau reports that the complaints Fabletics receive now are also fewer partly due to the result of JustFab listing subsidiaries like Fabletics separately. JustFab is also redoing is Fabletics FAQ section so it can put more focus on their customer service system.
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Beneful Is The Best Brand In Premium Dog Food

There are a wide variety of brands out there that offers top of the line dog food. However, only a few are going to focus their time and energy on providing dog owners with great tasting foods that deliver real results. There are a ton of premium dog food brands like Freshpet who strive to come up with new ideas and techniques that deliver real results. If you want a reliable brand to give your dogs the food that they need, you need to consider learning about different brands that cater to the world of premium dog food.

Freshpet has spent years trying to locate the most effective marketing solutions that deliver real results for dogs. There are dogs who just love premium dog food from Freshpet because of the wonderful taste and simple approach with the quality ingredients it can give the dog. The truth is that some brands usually miss out on catering to dog’s needs in terms of taste as opposed to overall general quality. The world of premium dog food has truly become one very huge brand that eventually has reached a $10.5 billion dollar industry, and it continues to prove that this world knows what they are doing. Not only is Purina capable of providing users with great premium dog food, there are other brands that are trying to take over.

Beneful is one brand that wants to take over this industry. Beneful is one of the best brands in the world today. They are known for coming up with unique products like their weight loss brands that are made with completely organic ingredients. Implementing real food into their dog foods, dogs just love the way Beneful is implementing real ingredients for dogs to digest. It’s a safer and easier way to stay healthy.

If you want to look for top of the line dog food, Beneful is by far one of the best brands out there. They always know how to stand out and give dogs reliable and great food. There are all kinds of brands like Beneful, but this one stands out in this food industry.