New Year New You with Doe Deere Lime Crime Looks

Anybody who is a Fashion and make-up enthusiast is familiar with make-up artist and entrepreneur Doe Deere. For those who are not so familiar with all things trending in the beauty/cosmetic world, Doe Deere is the founder of the ever so enamored Lime Crime cosmetic brand.

Since the launching of Lime Crime in 2008, Doe Deere has been keeping herself busy with her ever inventive techniques of creating new cosmetics, as well as promoting her newest projects for the delight of her fans.

One look at it Doe Deere, and her image says it all. No need to put anything into words, Her likeness radiates inspiration and positivity. The femininity and divine touch of womanhood is an essence that undeniably shines through Doe Deere’s creative makeup line, as her fertile, imaginative, mind continues to give birth to some of the most intriguing color schemes for her make-up.

The start of the new year means the start of a new you, so why not begin it with a new look to top it off? Lime Crime cosmetics, brought to you by Doe Deere, is an excellent way to transform your look while conveying a brand new you! To assist you in this feat, Doe Deere has provided several discounts on Lime Crime make-up, up to 85% off The normal pricing! Customers are paying as little as 5 to 8 dollars for the insatiable and luxury Lime Crime products typically priced between 13-40 dollars a pop! Matt lipsticks, glosses, and glamorous nail polishes are among these unbeatable savings, and can be obtained simply by visiting

Unsure of what to purchase? Start the new year off with a bang by trying Doe Deere’s “Limited edition Velvetines Trio, A distinctive and sophisticated color combo for your lips, designed to make a killer impression. The trio lipstick collection designed by Doe includes “Buffy”, A flesh pale hue, “Beet it”, A lovely elegant wine color, and “Peacock”, a bold, rich, blue-green sure to have your lips looking edible!

As gratitude to her fans for the support of the latest collection, Doe Deere announced via social media that this highly popular (Velvetine Trio) makeup collection no longer had to be purchased as a set, and that each could be bought separately. If you need more persuasion, don’t hesitate to visit the official Lime Crime website for high resolution photos! Doe Deere provides a large array of array of cosmetic items in every color imaginable, so you are sure to sign something that you like. Also keep in mind that transforming your style for the new year requires a little experimentation. Don’t be shy to step out the box with requires a little experimentation, so take advantage of the sales to do such. Don’t be shy to step out the box with a flashy neon carousel or dramatic Serpentine!

So what can we expect this year from Doe Deere? There are various new works already on the horizon, and the year has just begun! Doe Deere is currently in the development of various new make up releases, as well as some special surprises for her fans. Such new makeup creations include the upcoming “Polly”, Which will be added to the Lime Crime Velvetines Collection sometime early to mid 2016. Stay updated by subscribing to Lime Crime updates for all things new regarding Doe Deere and her latest make up releases to stay in style all year long and beyond!