Marc Beer appointed Board Chairman for LumeNXT

LumeNXT, a Boston based company that develops proprietary surgical products, has appointed Marc Beer as the new board chairman. This was announced through a press release from the company. It is one of the companies that have invested heavily in the development of equipment used in minimally evasive surgeries. Over the years, the company has come up with some of the products that have significantly changed the way surgeries are carried out. There is a team of innovative professionals who are constantly looking for ways of making the equipment better and so, the company has been growing steadily over the years.

Vast experience

The company said that they had settled for Marc Beer because they were impressed by his experience. He has more than 25 years in the commercialization of medical surgical equipment and therefore, the company hopes to use his experience to ensure that they meet their short-term and long-term growth goals. Looking at his experience, one can see that there could not be a better person for the company considering that most of the positions that Marc held are directly related to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and diagnostic devices. These are the fields that matter most to LumeNXT.

High level of success

The company also noted that Marc Beer has been largely successful in his previous roles. He has been at the helm f many companies which he helped to turn around their fortunes. In fact, he has been successful in rescuing some pharmaceutical companies that were almost going under and therefore, it is a good thing that he is now coming on board. The company was in need of a chairman who would help them stay on track with their vision. They wanted someone who had demonstrated the ability to lead one of the biggest companies in the region and therefore, Marc fitted the bill.

Glad to be working for the company

On his part, Marc Beer said that he was happy to be joining one of the fastest growing companies in the proprietary surgical equipments development niche. He also said that he was looking forward to working with the group of engineers and surgeries that he termed as accomplished and dedicated. He went further to show his gratitude to the company for showing trust in him especially when he knows that they share his vision of having the safety equipment and technology to perform surgery on a wide variety of patients.

Marc Beer is one of the most recognized names when it comes to the use of technology I healthcare. For many years, he has been at the fore front of carrying out research on ways through which surgeons can improve the safety of their patients when undergoing surgery. He does this by helping them to come up with equipment that makes the procedures more effective. Learn more:

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