James Dondero: Changing How Philanthropy is Done

 James Donder is known not only for his incredible success in the business world but also because of his generosity and innovative strategies that he has implemented throughout the philanthropic arm of his company, the Dallas Foundation. James Dondero is the co-founder and current president of the Highland Capital Management company which specializes in high-yield and distressed investing. Although not originally from Texas, James Dondero has stated that this has been his home away from home and therefore finds it extremely important to give back to the city that has welcomed him and his family with opened arms. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

James Dondero first began to contribute to the city after he was made aware that the Dallas city zoo was having problems gathering the funds to rebuild their hippopotamus exhibit after the passing of their oldest hippo. Many were astonished to see that Mr. James Dondero had donated over one million dollars towards the renovation project. Today, Mr.Dondero, along with his foundation, have been able to contribute to various other organizations across the city. Some of these include the George W. Bush Presidential Library, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science and many more. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Recently, Mr.Dondero announced that hey will be bringing on board the talents of Linda Owens. Mrs. Owens was the CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Mr.Dondero state that her incredible passion for philanthropy, as well as her years of experience, will allow the organization to be able to help many more people in the near future.

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