Jack Landsmanas Stern Makes Philanthropy A Central Part of Business Operations

Jack Landsmanas Stern is a man who is well-known both in and out of the country of Mexico. Stern has led his company, Corporate Kosmos, to the position of being the top service provider for food in Mexico. Corporate Kosmos provides food to places like school cafeterias and institutional canteens. The company transports 800 tons of food on a daily basis to feed three million people. Jack Landsmanas Stern is not only popular because he is a successful businessman. He is beloved in Mexico because of the dedication he has shown to the country. Stern has been known to do whatever he can to help his country and this help is often in the form of philanthropy. The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation was started by Stern and has had a great impact on the people of Mexico.

The Family Tradition

The Kosmos Corporation has been a key player in Mexico’s food industry for half a century now. However, the company’s origin goes back much further than this and began with Landsmanas Stern’s grandfather, Pablo Landsmanas. It was his grandfather that would later influence Landsmanas Stern to combine success in business with obedience to environmental and social responsibility. Pablo Landsmanas is a native of Lithuania that arrived in Mexico in 1959. Not long after, he opened a butcher shop in Mexico City that he named La Modelo. Landsmanas quickly earned a reputation as a skilled entrepreneur. He also became known for his generous philanthropical efforts. The profile Landsmanas created has been closely emulated by his grandson Jack Landsmanas Stern. Corporate Kosmos was started with two goals in mind: provide the highest quality food service possible while improving the social and economic climate in Mexico. The company presently employs 9,000 people in Mexico and feeds millions of people on a daily basis. Corporate Kosmos does all of this while using sustainable business practices that help protect the environment.

The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation

Jack Landsmanas Stern decided in 2016 to honor the example set by his grandfather by starting the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation. Landsmanas Stern says he remembers his grandfather as a man of great integrity and wanted to honor him with a foundation in his name. The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation works to support the neediest people of Mexico. One important initiative for the foundation is the donation of more than half a million meals each month to teenage mothers, abandoned children, victims of sexual assault, and other vulnerable individuals. The Foundation is also extremely interested in increasing educational opportunities for children in Mexico. Jack Landsmanas Stern is spearheading a climate of change for business owners in Mexico. Many businesses are now following Landsmanas Stern’s lead of pairing successful business practices with social and environmental responsibility. The country of Mexico is much better off for these actions.

About Jack Landsmanas Stern

Jack Landsmanas Stern is the owner of Kosmos Corporate, a top 50 business group in Mexico. Kosmos Corporate has displayed the highest quality standards in the Mexican food industry for 50 years.

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