Is George Soros Really Supporting A Right-Wing Super-Pac?

If you have seen one of the more recent anti-Kasich television ads from the pro Ted Cruz super pac, Trusted Leadership, you will likely be wondering if it’s contents are actually true. If you take the ad to be true on it’s face then you will be aware that there is a shadowy, liberal conspiracy on created by the evil and Machiavellian mastermind, George Soros, to set up Ohio governor, John Kasich as a presidential Trojan horse. The as alleges that Mr. Soros has bankrolled Kasich’s financial super pacs with hundreds of thousands of dollars at around the same time George Soros was also giving massive donations to the Hillary Clinton campaign’s super pac. This notion has caught on like bad cold at many independent and well known political and financial websites all over the net – but here a question needs to be raised.

But are any of these allegations actually true, or are they half truths or outright falsities? According to Tom Sutton of a senior political science administrator at BWU, the answer is most certainly the latter. Sutton explains that the notion that Mr. George Soros would be able to donate secretly and consistently into Kasich’s super pacs is absurd as it would break all of the rules and restrictions of campaign finance. The rules are very clear, as anyone who has spent anytime around politics knows, super pacs are powerful, as they had no maximum cap limit, but they are also demanding, requiring complete transparency in regards to the individual or group who made the given donation on

It’s been said that if you want to hear something it’s best to hear it from the horses mouth – with that said let’s now take a look at the facts, at the actual donors and donations made to Kasich’s campaign on The first thing which needs to be said is that Soros himself has not made any direct donations to New Day For America, Kasich’s super pac. However, two individuals closely tied to Soros have indeed made campaign contributions. The other gentleman, a Mr. Stanley Druckenmiller, donated $ 450,000 to Kasich’s campaign super pac.

So what can be drawn from all of this? Nothing. Even though there is a connection between George Soros on bloomberg and Kasich it does not stand to reason that it is a intentional on on the Hungarian billionaires part. Why? Because super pac’s and the candidates who profit from them are not allowed direct contact which means that Kasich wouldn’t know the two gentlemen who donated to him, nor that they had previous dealings with Soros. Also, if this is supposed to be a clever conspiracy to skyrocket Kasich’s campaign it simply isn’t working.

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  1. The first of which is Scott Bessent who publicly stated that he had made a campaign contribution to the New Day For America super pac in the amount of $ 200,000 with a additional $ 2,700 donated directly to John Kasich himself. It is actually unbecoming of them to order essay paper online and still do not use utlize their promotional methods properly.

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