Igor Cornelsen Offers Good Advice To Brazilian Investors

If you find Brazilian banking a bit confusing then listen to advise from Brazilian banker Igor Cornelsen. The guru says that banking in Brazil isn’t that difficult, and if you follow his basic tips, you could be rolling in dough.

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff did the country no favors with the populist policies. The troubles in the country didn’t stop the two top banks for turning a hefty profit. Investors are scratching their heads trying to figure out how they weathered the storm. Simple. Knowledge is power.

According to Cornelsen, Brazil’s market is no different than many others. They just operate a bit different. Private banks are lending only to individuals with a solid and proven credit history. So if you’re credit is less than stellar, it’s the public sector banks for you. Investors are feeling a lot more secure about the economy now.

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Whether you’re investing in commodities or foreign exchange…

Brazil’s economy is teetering now. It’s a wonder anyone would want to invest there. However, the country has an overwhelming supply of natural resources – especially oil. And with an infrastructure starving for development, Brazil is a prime place to invest.

“Before you even think about investing in Brazil, you better do you’re homework,” according to Igor Cornelsen. A number of people have dove into Brazilian investing without knowing the first thing about it. It didn’t bode well for them.

Carefully study Brazil’s top ten private and public banks, says Cornelsen. Look at the trends. The country’s new finance minister could also be a breath of fresh air. The new administration is hell bent on cleaning up the old regime’s mess. This could be a key opportunity for investment.

Cornelsen says investors should always look to China. The two countries are trading partners, and as one goes, so will the other. “Trading partners play a key role in judging the economy,” says Cornelsen.

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