Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western and Matt Fleeger

The name Fleeger has been associated with Gulf Coast Western LLC, the Dallas-based Managing Venture of Oil and Gas Partnerships (also known Joint Ventures) for over fifty years and throughout two generations. In that time it has established a footprint that extends across five states. Under the serial leadership of Matthew Fleeger, the current CEO, President, and Director, and his father, the original founder who retired in 2007, Gulf Coast Western has grown from a single Dallas-based office with scant but promising holdings to a major player in the oil and gas industry known for exploring, acquiring, and developing oil and gas reserves primarily in the Gulf Coast region. Owing to its focus on properties rich in geophysical and geological advantages with well-developed structures, Gulf Coast Western was able to expand to locations in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Colorado as well as the original home base in Texas.  

Gulf Coast Western CEO, Matthew Fleeger

As it has done from its humble start, the company continues to seek out enterprises that offer the potential for substantial return along with quantified downside risk. Today, thanks to its devotion to maintaining open and transparent relationships built on mutual trust and respect, Gulf Coast presently has over a thousand accredited partners throughout the country, many of whom participate in one or more sponsored Joint Ventures.

In 2007,  after growing the company for thirty-seven years, the elder Mr. Fleeger handed the reins over to Matthew, a 1985 graduate of Southern Methodist University’s Cox Business School. The younger Mr. Fleeger rather than sliding into the role of heir apparent has left the area to supplement his Business Administration education with real-life experiences gained in seven years of sampling industries as diverse as medical waste and tanning. Satisfied with the skills he had gained in negotiating contracts, team building, and strategic planning, Matthew Fleeger applied his native entrepreneurial abilities to founding MedSolutions, a diversified holding company that specialized in transporting, treating, and transporting medical wastes. After serving in the role of CEO for over 13 years, he sold the company to Stericycle and returned home to Dallas where in addition to his responsibilities at Gulf Coast Western, he has chosen to give back to the community by devoting himself to children’s causes such as establishing the Fleeger Family Kitchen at Parish Episcopal STEM Academy and making contributions to the Sadie Keller Foundation that go toward providing  gift packs to kids battling cancer and their families, as well as the foundation’s continuing lobbying for increased spending to find ways to eradicate childhood cancers.

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