Fortress Investment Group is Doing Well Under Leaders Like Peter Briger

Peter Briger attended two colleges as a young man, starting with Princeton University and then attending the University of Pennsylvania. He earned a master of business administration and got involved in the business world after graduating. He worked for many companies over the years including Goldman Sachs Co., which he served at for fifteen years and was the partner of for a time. Another important role he has held during his career is as a member of the council for Foreign Relations.

Peter Briger started working for Fortress Investment Group in 2002. One of the biggest things that he does for the company is his work with the real estate and credit business there. He is also the co-CEO of Fortress Investment Group and has been serving on the board there for over a dozen years. Peter Briger also serves on the board of other organizations from Tipping Point to the UCSF Foundation. He is passionate about philanthropy and helping others get a good education and is a founding member of an organization that is focused on art.

Fortress Investment Group is based in New York and was founded in 1998. Peter Briger joined just a few years later and helped bring many changes to the company as he worked with the credit and real estate side of things and helped bring much profit to it. Those who work for Fortress Investment Group in New York talk about how they get paid well for their work and can expect bonuses when they have been putting in extra work. They say that they always feel valued and that they have learned a lot while working there. Another thing that people say about working there is that they get to work with an elite group of people and they like that. Peter Briger and the other leaders are good examples to the employees.

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