End Citizens United Is Set To Change The Political Landscape Of America

Finance reform campaign by a Political Action Committees (PAC) has increased its popularity after the Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling on Citizen United. End Citizens United is a new PAC. It was launched in 2015 with the objective of advocating for financial reform in the American politics. The group strives to pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision, which gave rise to the use of dark money in elections. End Citizens United is determined to leave a mark on the 2016 elections by investing huge amounts of money into Democratic candidates running for House and Senate seats across the country.

End Citizens United announced that they had already raised $ 2 million from small donors. They were targeting to raise over $30 million. The group’s petition demanding Congress to pass such legislation has been signed by over 325,000 people. They are looking forward to increasing the number of people that will sign the petition. This is after partnering with the Ready for Hillary initiative, which will rent out its email list that has over 4 million people. The PAC has also endorsed 11 democratic candidates, including Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. They are targeting to elect Democratic candidates who are in favor of campaign finance reform. When these leaders are elected, they can be able to change the laws. They are also looking to support candidates who are being attacked by billionaires such as Koch brothers and other dark money groups.

However, End Citizens United’s hopes of passing a constitutional amendment both in the local and state level is being met by harsh criticism from finance reform experts like John Wonderlich, the policy director of Sunlight Foundation. The leader of the non-partisan group that advocates for government transparency said that the bar of constitutional amendment is too high for End Citizens United. He posited that it might be impossible to amend the constitution considering that since 1992, America has not passed a single constitutional amendment. Rick Hasen, a finance regulation professional, also criticized End Citizen United’s battle. This information was originally reported on MSNBC.

About End Citizen United

End Citizens United PAC’s goal is to enhance transparency and accountability in how money is spend during elections. This way, no donor shall be able to support a candidate while expecting political favors. Grassroots donors support the group. They are determined to fight against billionaires who take advantage of their wealth by buying elections. They plan to achieve their objectives by electing pro-reform candidates, pushing the issue to make it a priority nationwide, and exploiting its grassroots membership to gain political authority over the issue. The group chose to work with Democratic candidates due to their historic opposition of End Citizens. The entity will use a team of veteran democrats to educate people about the effects of dark money in politics. This information was originally mentioned on End Citizens United’s website.



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