Doe Deere Expresses Creativity On Her Own Terms

Doe Deere is the painter, businesswoman, singer and makeup artist behind the cosmetics line Lime Crime. While most magazines come out with a September issue to let consumers know what’s in fashion for the upcoming year, Deere is busy making her own rules and encouraging her customers to be themselves.

One of the fashion rules that Doe makes sure she doesn’t follow is wearing neutral or black clothing with brightly colored hair. Deere often wears her hair in stunning pink and vivid blue shades, but that doesn’t stop her from wearing colorful clothing as well. Doe Deere has also been known to wear socks with open-toe shoes, which is another fashion “faux pas.” She also stated that she hates the fact that her mother looks at clothing and wonders if it’s age-appropriate. Doe states that her mom is a “babe” and should wear clothes that make her feel good, regardless of society’s conventions.

Lime Crime features an array of brightly colored lipsticks and eye shadows, as well as products that add shimmer to any makeup look. Doe wants her products to inspire others to be their best selves, and believes that bold and whimsical hues are just one way to do this. It’s also been said that people shouldn’t wear a bold lip and bold eye at the same time, but Deere doesn’t believe in that either. She feels that people should add as much color to their look as they want, since colors have the ability to be inspirational and uplifting.

Lime Crime was launched in 2008, and was named for Deere’s favorite color, lime green. Doe wanted to create a line of makeup that would immediately stand out, and it was also important to her that the products were cruelty-free. In addition to being a makeup mogul, Doe Deere is also an inspirational speaker who often shares her story and with listener to motivate them to achieve important life goals.