David McDonald, President & CEO, OSI Group, Sanguine About Global Expansion

David McDonald who is President & CEO, OSI Group the global food processing organizations is quite confident about the group’s international prospects. According to McDonald, the group is in a position of strength in this regard considering that they have a well-established global network with their people in offices and plants around the world. Besides, they have the support of local management teams that are well versed in local customs and conventions.

It is therefore not surprising that the OSI group are global leaders when it comes to supplying value-added protein items like sausage links and beef patties. That apart they also supply food items like sandwiches and pizzas to the major retail brands. With more than 50 facilities in 17 countries, one could say that the OSI Group under David McDonald OSI Group is well positioned to corner the international market, particularly in countries like China.

A Degree in Animal Science Holder from Iowa University, David McDonald is a member of the OSI Board of Directors. In the past, he served as the Director of Marfrig Global Foods SA. He has also had the honor of serving as the Chairman Of North American Meat Institute.

One of the major initiatives undertaken by OSI Group under the stewardship of David McDonald was to have OSI Europe acquire Dutch company Baho Food. With plants both in Holland and Germany and five subsidiary food companies that between them share a sixty-year history, which involved their serving customers in 18 European companies this strategic buyout will certainly buoy their presence in the markets there. Not surprisingly David McDonald is particularly pleased in having this deal stitched up. Interestingly the existing management team at Baho Food led by John Balvers, the existing.

Managing Director have been asked to stay on. This is in line with the OSI Group’s stated policy under David McDonald to empower local talent to help enhance and bolster one’s market presence. There is no doubt about the fact that McDonald is a master strategist and going forward the company will establish many more milestones. If today OSI Group is a gargantuan global enterprise, it is because McDonald has had no small hand in it.

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