Daniel Bethelmy-Rada Commitment to Make Natural and Sustainable Hair Products

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada believes there is a need for natural products among the consumers and that customers are not looking for naturally inspired products. They want physical products themselves. Daniel is the Global President for Matrix/Biolage which is a hair care brand working to come up with R.A.W the all-natural hair product. Consumers want products that are sustainable in production, use and environmentally friendly. R.A.W is, therefore, the product they came up with to address these concerns.

The formulas they use for this product are environmentally friendly and don’t have sulphates, silicone or parabens. The products are made of compounds that are highly biodegradable. They make their products from plant and animal minerals, and even the bottles made from recycled plastic.

After assessing the cost associated with this great ambition it was they Daniel Bethelmy-Rada and his team decided if there is one thing they would not relent on is on the naturalness of the product. High costs could mean that there could be temptations to compromise, but they made sure nothing could hinder them from this great project.

Another big challenge they had to deal with was time. They needed to mobilise the required products and meet the stringent deadlines before the product launched. Clay, for instance, got easily spoilt during the transportation instead of resorting to chemicals to alter the raw material they were compelled to push back the launch date for them to get the right clay to make the products.

Creating awareness about R.A.W to salons, hair experts and consumers was another milestone step to this project. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says that consumers don’t want many stories on what is natural or not natural. They want to be given the product and use the product independently to cater to their needs.

Raw therefor came up with a comprehensive educational initiative to sensitise hairdressers and hair experts to use less power and electricity. This is practices would make their ventures sustainable and productive. They also launched a digital campaign where they used testimonials from influencers and customers. They would also share videos that show people how to adopt a sustainable day to day practices. With the next step being the launch of R.A.W globally the work so far has seen so positive online reviews from customers and hair professionals.

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