Clean Up Your Reputation

It seems as though with every advancement, there comes a downside. Cars get people places quicker, but are expensive to operate and can cause some terrible accidents if improperly used. Should they be restricted? Of course not! Safety measures must be developed to ensure operational safety. Measures like seat belts and air bags. When you use a search engine clean-up program like, it’s a little bit like clipping in your seatbelt for the drive. As a corporation, small business, or entrepreneur, the road of internet commerce is going to throw a number of obstacles at you. An event of little consequence could go viral, and prove itself especially detrimental to your business. Following are several tips to help curb losses and weather the storm of internet criticism.

Customer Retention
Vocal critics and competitors may stoop to underhanded tactics against you. The better you are at what you do, the more likely you are to come up against opposition. But responding in kind to underhanded techniques makes you look as though you’re on the same level as your detractors. It’s better to leave their castigations be, and instead focus on clientele. Tell customers that business will continue as usual, and if in any way feasible, offer them some kind of discount, packaged deal, or perk for retaining your services. Such perks make the detractions of haters less impactful, and may make clients forget them entirely.

Find Allies
There are others out there conducting corporations, small businesses or entrepreneurial ventures just like you. Connect with them, learn from them, vent to them, and in them increase your strength. The relationship is mutually beneficial in that both of you help each other out, and so your reputation has the capacity for exponential growth. Additionally, more experienced allies can offer advice and help you answer business questions you didn’t even realize you would need to ask.

The Recap
In today’s digital bipolarity, where reputation can be lost or achieved almost instantaneously, it makes sense to find a good search engine clean-up site like, focus intently on customer retention, make allies with similarly inclined individuals, and ignore negative forces which try to bring you to their level. These steps will certainly help maintain, retain, and expand reputation.