Jose Aurimo makes JHSF go Global

Auriemo is one of the youngest presidents of one of the biggest construction companies in Brazil. He is also a professional engineer who earned his engineering degree at Sau Paulo. Jose who is referred to as Zeco by his family members is a talented leader who started his leadership missions while he was still very young. During his teenage Zeco Auriemo was able to attend an international youth conference that was held in Japan. He was also able to travel around the world at a very early age which gave him the opportunity to make useful networks at a very early age.


JHSF at New York City

With his leadership skills and ability to use his connections for the betterment of the company, Jose Zeco has been able to take his company from Brazil all the way to one of the most famous and classy streets in New York City known as the Big Apple. This is one of the greatest achievements that the JHSF Company has ever had since it was established because many construction companies have always admired working on projects on that street. The Big Apple Street which is located on the 5th avenue in New York is considered to be a street where the richest musicians, sportsmen and also actors choose to spend their luxurious lives in.

Jose Zeco is also very famous for turning Brazil into a very luxurious country by constructing some of the biggest malls and hotels. The quality of the constructions he always put up has made the company to be trusted by very many clients and that is why Zeco was able to convince the city hall to give the company the permission to put a story residential building on the most admired street in New York. The residential houses which are going to be a five-story building will be one of the best houses in the avenue, based on (