The TV Series – One Life to Live

One Life to Live was one of the most influential soap operas in television history. The wildly popular show ran from 1968 to 2011 on the ABC network. After its 43 year run, the show was briefly picked up and aired as a web series on Hulu, until 2013.

Originally, the show’s creator, Agnes Nixon, was tapped to create a series for ABC because of the success of the show, Another World, which she had created for rival network NBC. Nixon accepted the offer and used her new platform to explore issues she found more compelling because she was tired of the non-controversial nature of daytime television. She created characters who were ethnically and socioeconomically diverse.

Set in the fictional town of Llanview, PA, One Life to Live explored the lives of the members of the Lord family. The Lords were a wealthy and powerful family whose wealth came from its patriarch and mogul, Victor Lord. The family owned and operated the media company, Lord Enterprises, which included its main publication, The Banner. For the entirety of its run, the Lord family was the cornerstone of the show and the anchor that held the entire series together.

One Life to Live featured numerous characters and story lines over the years. Many characters became fan favorites. Some were favorites because of their good-natured behavior and others were favorites because fans loved to hate them. One such character was Stacy Morasco. The character was played by actress Crystal Hunt from 2009-2010. Stacy was portrayed as a Vegas stripper who follows her sister Gigi back to Llanview. Stacy sets her sights on Gigi’s boyfriend, Rex Bolsom, and proceeds to wreak havoc over Gigi’s life. Eventually Stacy becomes pregnant by Rex and after a miscarriage, Stacy quickly gets pregnant by another man and carries off the pregnancy as Rex’s. The plan eventually becomes Stacy Morasco’s downfall and she is eventually killed when her lies surface. She returned to the show as a ghost in 2010, and in Clint Buchanan’s vision of Hell in 2012.

Crystal Hunt had prior experience as a television actor from her IMDb listed role in Guiding Light. She played Lizzie Spaulding from 2003-2006 and was nominated for a daytime Emmy award for that role in 2005. Since her roles on daytime television, Hunt has also appeared in numerous films. She appeared in the 2005 film The Derby Stallion, and the 2007 film Sydney White. In 2015 she appeared in the movie Magic Mike XXL.

One Life to Live has made television history and will forever remain a part of pop culture. Many fans hope for its revival with fingers crossed. Who knows? Llanview, PA may not be gone quite yet.