The Beginnings of End Citizens United

In each generation, there are certain court cases that tend to change the course of history. According to End Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision made in 2010 concerning the Super PAC Citizens United is one of these cases that will make history. To this day, the United States still doesn’t know exactly where this decision will lead and End Citizens United is doing everything they can to prevent harm to the American people. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.

The case that was heard by the Supreme Court made it legal for PACs like Citizens United to keep their financial sources hidden from public records. This case came about after the PAC released a video bashing Hillary Clinton in 2008. Despite being an hour and a half long, many agreed that it amounted to little more than a very long political ad and thus must have the financial backers published. Initially, the courts ruled that they would have to reveal who paid for the film to be made and aired but this decision was later overturned by the Supreme Court.

Despite corporations not being a thing when the Constitution was created and amended, the court is protected the rights of free speech for these big businesses as if they are individuals. End Citizens United fears what this may mean for the American people in the future. Big Money should not have a place in politics and this decision will allow it to have even more influence than it does today. Follow the group on

Corporations may now contribute as much as they want to PACs like Citizens United, and what’s worse is that they can do it completely anonymously. The ruling has upset many people and is highly supported by the Conservatives who are pushing for even fewer regulations. Since the modern Republican party has always been known for its deep ties with the elite of the United States, it gives them an undeniable edge when it comes to financing. This is why End Citizens United is working so hard to achieve campaign financing reform in order to give the power back to the people of the United States instead of big corporations.