Glen Wakeman Launches LaunchPad Holdings to Grow Busines

While entrepreneurship is the hallmark of an excellent economy, there are challenges it comes with. Most new entrepreneurs would agree that developing a concrete business plan is a leading success strategy. With a concrete plan, it is easy to establish a strong platform for business. The question seems to be addressed by a planner who can craft the plan according to the needs of clients. With that said, that is why Glen Wakeman is highly regarded for his input in the world of business.


Glen Wakeman has vast experience in finance and management. For about two decades, Glen worked in this field, consistently grasping the relevant ideas that could grow any business. Being visionary, Glen strutted huge strides in his career. Presently, he mans LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a company that was established in 2015. His strong academic credentials speak well for his ability to lead the company. Glen is an alumnus of Scranton University, with a major in economics as well as finance.

Career Growth

In 1993, Glen joined the University of Chicago to advance his studies. His career began at P&L where he worked as a development manager. He later joined GE Capital. Glen garnered massive experience as a leader and an entrepreneur. Becoming the chief executive officer of the firm is perhaps the best thing that ever happened to Glen. This was a symbol of future growth for him. Glen’s contribution to the world of entrepreneurship extends to founding Nova Four as well as GE.

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As a constructive contributor to entrepreneurship, GE earned Glen positive reviews as a growth leadership model. As a mentor and role model, Glen has revolutionized the entrepreneurial world. Passionate about building successful businesses, Glen established LaunchPad Holdings, a company that works to build businesses through software integration. The software assists entrepreneurs to develop successful plans. Through these plans, the business is meant to grow. LaunchPad helps clients to organize their ideas to reach their maximum potential. Through LaunchPad Holdings, Glen has transformed business environment in multiple ways.

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