Joseph Bismarck is Bringing Spirituality into the Workplace

As long as the unconscious desire of ruling over one’s domain is a popular idea in the corporate context, people who are students of the startup community will continue to be inspired by powerful minds. As dictated by history, founders who have thrived in the most difficult of circumstances will continue continue to be followed with fervor. People who are attracted by role of models of this creed will have to look no further than Joseph Bismark for guidance. Bismark is amongst the proud few individuals who have proven time and time again that they are capable of rising up in the face of adversity in order to make their ambitious desires become a reality. Between the ages of 8 through 16, Bismark lived in an ashram on the side of a mountain in the Philippines, being taught the finer points of what it means to live a spiritual existence. You’ll notice that the more that you discover about Joseph Bismarck’s spirituality, the more you will realize how much it has rubbed off on his business practices.

His leadership and spiritual affluence, led his firm to believe and follow his vision, enabling him to build the signature brand that fuels his billion-dollar empire. His elevated credibility in the corporate arena has given him a platform to share his experiences as an ashram, helping drive his company to enormous success, further solidifying his reputation as a brilliant spiritual leader as well as a master network marketer.Helping millions of business founders, CEOs and people slavishly dedicated to the ideas of corporate success, Joseph continues to share his knowledge and inspiration through his website as well as one-on-one, in a business setting.

His sense of values and dedication to the spiritual aspects of life has inspired droves of entrepreneurs around the globe to follow his leadership. Bismark teaches people that material world is just an illusion and that real success comes from self-discovery and holistic enlightenment.

In his teachings, he reveals how the path of fulfillment comes from within and how discovering gratitude reveals your real purpose in life. According to Bismarck, business and spirituality are able to exist as a single, inseparable unit when you are enlightened. With his enormous network marketing empire, he shares all of his pearls of wisdom with upper management who shares the same philosophies with those under their watchful employ.
Bismarck’s enlightened teachings reveal how raising businesses and being in touch with your true self are both one and the same.

The concept of kindness and business seem to be conflicting ideals. It seems that most companies believe that cutthroat practices and pushing employees are the keys to success. Bismark, with his spiritual background, founded the QI Group and encourages positive and life affirming ideals. His unique business practices have encouraged his employees to grow personally and his business to grow professionally.

The Spiritual Intellect

Bismark’s spiritual journey began when he was just nine years old, when he left his home to join an ashram to lead the life of a monk in the mountains of the Philippines. While there, he learned religious instruction, yoga, and art. He was immersed in the Hinduism teachings of the ashram until leaving at the age of seventeen to join the corporate world. When Bismark entered the corporate world, he didn’t leave these teachings behind. Instead, he embraced the positive teachings learned at the ashram and translated them into real world and successful business strategies. He explains in his writings that he has, “built my life around pursuing my genuine interest in strengthening one’s mind.” Staying positive for Bismark isn’t just a state of mind, but a way of life and a daily powerful exercise. It isn’t always easy with the stress of business and being at the helm of a powerful company.

Bismark imparts these ideals and teachings to his employees to foster a feeling of positive energy amongst his company and colleagues. He believes that one of the keys to a successful business is treating all people with equal respect. This allows employees to understand not just themselves, but hear the thoughts of others, listen to different people, and exercise kindness. Along these same lines, he believes in open communication. This promotes a feeling of trust amongst employees within an organization and allows coworkers to be open and honest. All these ideals lead to a stronger individual and positive workplace.

The Businessman

Bismark puts these concepts into practice at the internationally successful QI Group where he is a co-founder and managing director. There from the beginning, Bismark is a huge part of why this company has grown and become so productive. His positive leadership and spiritual background has proven the perfect mix for this company. Bismark fulfills his role with the QI Group from Singapore, continuing to build on the solid foundation he helped produce at its inception.