Predictions On Future Skincare Trends

There are always trends in music, fashion, and even skincare. It’s easy to ignore temporary changeable trends that don’t affect us very much, but the one trend that shouldn’t be ignored is new advances in antiaging skincare technology. As technology advances and research progresses new ideas and formulas develop fo skincare products to help fight against aging. Skin is a major organ of the human body because of its size and we should take care of it because we will have it for the rest of our lives. We should make the most effort to keep it looking the best we can.

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Unlike makeup, skincare is essential for overall health. Treating your skin well will be visibly apparent. Developing healthy habits like eating healthy and staying hydrated will benefit your skin and your overall health. Adding a skincare regiment to your daily habits is just another way to contribute to your overall health and wellness.

Genucel has some predictions on the future of skincare. It’s not surprising that skincare company Chamonix is aware of trends and has predictions for the future of skincare. Chamonix is the creator of several skincare lines including the antiaging skincare line of Genucel, that features plant stem cell technology.

Several predictions for 2020 and beyond are:

Customizing Products

Based on, Skincare regimens vary by types of skin and age, so everyone has different requirements for their skincare products. Skincare companies have started to customize products for their customers and are developing long-term relationships that will benefit the skincare company in the future.

All-Natural Products

One growing trend that will spread from Millenials is the interest in all-natural products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Though Millenials and Gen z are not greatly concerned on about aging at the moment they are concerned about transparency and they want to be sure that the ingredients in their skincare products are all-natural. They are also concerned about creating less waste and are willing to deal with refillable bottles.

When searching for skincare products, don’t follow trends. Stick to buying products that have known antiaging ingredients. Buy creams and moisturizers that have SPF to fight against sun damage and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. To know better about genucel you can visit

Dr. Jennifer Walden: A New Kind of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. She has earned that title through years of the machine, tool, and technique development. Dr. Jennifer Walden has seen several areas that did use improvement in the plastic surgery field and pushed for them. The most interesting thing about Dr. Walden is that she is so rare in the field. Women do not technically occupy roles as surgeons and even last go into aesthetics. The problem with this is that many of the people that benefit from plastic surgery are women. In fact, more than 91% of the individuals that seek to augment their appearance are women and in most of these cases, these women are more comfortable discussing the areas of their bodies that make them feel insecure with another woman.

Dr. Jennifer Walden offers that service to the women that come to her for surgical advice. She understands firsthand many of the insecurities that they have developed over the years. She has also expressed a desire to help her patients realize their self-worth in their own skin, but they should never feel trapped in. Her work has touched countless lives because of that desire. Dr. Walden is also adept at creating new tools for her role. She has developed many items that have aided in the surgical process and even been regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in the country.

As a mom of twins, she brings a very unique perspective to the surgical consultation room. Her work is centered around making the experience as comfortable as possible. Since she obtained her degree from the University of Texas in biology and then her M.D. from the medical branch of the University she has been pushing to create a more enlightened environment for her patients.