Doe Deere | Guilty of Lime Crime

Lime Crime, the makeup and style company that is as revolutionary as the owner. Doe Deere is Lime Crime’s CEO, a young entrepreneur who is very into breaking fashion rules. In fact, she’ll tell you as she did in Bustle magazine as she has in many interviews that she outwardly encourages breaking the rules.

Rules Doe Deere Openly Encourages Breaking

Bold Bold Bold

This young lady is not afraid of bold! That tired old rule of not wearing bold eye with bold lips is out the door and out of gas with her. You can see from her pictures when you Google the name Doe Deer you’ll see those big eyes and thick pouting lips on that Russian Born NYC raised face. She wants every lady or guy who is into it to express their inner sexiness this way. If you have it, flaunt it and do it with color!

She is also a great advocate of color and patterns. That old rule about not mixing color and patterns is poo poo’d from the get go. Google images for Doe Deere and see what she wears on a daily basis. And hell yeah, she’s got the hair to match.

Do Deere and Lime Crime

The Lime Crime empire founded and run by miss Doe Deere is the one stop shop for gals that love to show off their face and personal style. Her Unicorn line is where a lot of it started and the story behind why she stared it all is so simple it’s amazing. Doe Deere is a very creative lady and mixed with her innovation and passion for her dream business, there is no stopping her.
One day, while she was creating a wardrobe by designing and sewing it herself. Well, knowing her color habit she needed makeup that wasn’t too subdued for her wardrobe. So, did she find it out there in the shops? Nope! And, what did our star entrepreneur do? She said oh well, “I guess I’ll have to create one myself” and she did. Now, she sells from her website and she is carried by select chains like, Urban Outfitters.

The point to her living her dream and coming out about it in a no judgment sort of day and age is to push and propel other young girls to dream, and not just big but really big!

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Fabletics Works Toward A Brighter Future


The new and improved Pinterest collection is fast approaching, according to sources at, and it offers more job opportunities along with the hopes of satisfying more customers. The activewear company wants to open 75 to 100 new stores over the next three to five years, with this spring already holding the promise of it’s seventh store opening. By doing this Fabletics can accommodate a much larger clientele base to satisfy more customer needs. Not only will shoppers get to experience the pleasure of trying on Fabletic’s clothing in person, but they will also be greeted by in store staffers who will recruit shoppers to join the brand’s subscription service.

Each 2-3 piece Fabletics outfit is priced around $100, but as a VIP member, the same outfits are half the price. Shipping is free for every purchase and the first VIP purchase is automatically discounted to $25. The subscription service also sends discounted items once a month that charge customer credit cards accordingly. Tips from the Krazy Coupon Lady shed light on some very important facts that people tend to overlook while signing up for the online subscription. If a VIP member does not login between the first and fifth of any month to notify the site that they would like to skip a month, then their account will be credited for one outfit. Outfits of members never ship out without being approved, so once you log in you can put the credit toward whatever you want to buy. This is part of the problem that people are having the most trouble with, most likely because they get excited and sign up to become a VIP member before fully understanding all the rules and regulations of doing so.

Although the Fabletics site has a reputation for allegedly being a scam, Adam Goldenberg, the co-founder and CEO of JustFab (Fabletic’s parent company), had reported they are now receiving about five to 10 complaints a month. Of course, Goldenberg goes on to say, “five to 10 complaints is five to 10 too many, but in a typical month we’re sending out 800,000 items.” The Better Business Bureau reports that the complaints Fabletics receive now are also fewer partly due to the result of JustFab listing subsidiaries like Fabletics separately. JustFab is also redoing is Fabletics FAQ section so it can put more focus on their customer service system.
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