The Crisis Manager and Your Online Reputation

When Ryan Lochte lied about an incident that occurred in Brazil after the Olympics there was a lot of talk on the Internet about his disgrace. He was detained in Brazil and questioned about the events that he had previously talked about. This was an embarrassing time for him. He loss some endorsement deals, and people wondered if his career would go up in flames. Lochte was a swimmer that was looked upon as damaged goods as far as endorsements were concerned, but he had a plan.

Lochte knew that it would be extremely important to hire someone that was going to getting him out of the mess that he had made. He needed more than a regular public relations manager after social media exploded with #Lochtegate. What Lochte needed was a crisis manager to help him restore his good name.

This happens in the entertainment industry all the time. There may be someone that is getting a bad deal in the industry because they have messed up. Justin Bieber is someone that knows all too well about letting your guard down and messing up. He had a huge career with millions of people watching his every movement. He had to get a crisis manager to help him get out of the place where he was. This would be the same crisis manager that was hired by Ryan Lochte to help him get back out of the mess that he has gotten himself into.

The same thing happens in the business world all the time. There are people and companies that have failed to meet the expectations of customers. When this happens an Online Reputation Reviews firm will be needed to help companies rebuild the reputation online. This will often involve some type of consultant that can make the bad online content go away.

Consultants are often called upon to manage online reputations because social media is such a dangerous forum for negative content. The negativity can spread like wildfire. There has to be someone in place that can contain it. Bad reputations don’t vanish; someone has to work on resolving issues.