Breathe Easy At The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is committed to regenerative medicine with the use of stem cells. The Institute offers stem cells as an effective treatment method for lung diseases. Before stem cell treatment was available, patients who suffered from chronic obstructed pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease or pulmonary fibrous had few treatment options, and they all came with life impairing side effects. Drs. Jack Coleman and Sreedevi Marakatham use autologous stem cells from the patient’s body to ease the symptoms of respiratory issues and address the progression of disease.

There are two treatments performed at the Lung Institute, and both are considered safe and effective. Stem cells are delivered either by venous or bone marrow treatments. Both options are minimally invasive, so treatment is on an outpatient basis and usually takes three consecutive visits that last approximately four hours each . Every patient is screened,and treatment is recommended based on their current condition and overall medical history.

According to this article, the process of harvesting stem cells involves taking a small amount of blood or bone marrow from the patient, mechanically separating the stem cells from the other cells in the sample, and returning the concentrated stem cells to the patient. When the patient’s stems cells are re-introduced into the body, the return to the lungs which promotes healing and lowers inflammation

There is a no-risk free consultation for patients wishing to investigate the benefits of stem cell therapy. Typically, the consultation occurs in the office, but it is possible to conduct a phone consult in the event that travel is not possible. The Lung Institute also offers frequent online webinars for patients who want to consider all the information before scheduling a consultation. If it is determined that stem cell treatment is a helpful option, an in office appointment will be scheduled along with follow-up treatment. Follow-up treatment ensures that patient progress with breathing and physical activities is tracked and kept in line with medical protocols.

The Lung Institute is locations in Tampa, Scottsdale, Dallas, Nashville, and Pittsburgh. Read more about stem cell therapy on

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