DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is Both a Successful Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist

The global real estate industry and mostly Dubai is lucky to have an investor like Hussain Sajwani who works towards providing luxury real estate that fits the people’s standard. To help him achieve that, he founded a company called DAMAC in 2002 where he serves as chairman. The company offers services and properties that no other firm provides like the designs and quality which makes it popular in Dubai and internationally. Surprisingly, he started entrepreneurship in the food industry and later shifted gears to real estate after Dubai allowed foreigners to own properties. Either way, he did not abandon the food services business as it is still a part of the DAMAC empire. One aspect that has made him stand out in his field of activity is his marketing strategy whereby he sometimes offers apartmownent buyers cars. To be precise, he gives away Lamborghinis, and he partners with Versace and Bugatti for co-branding deals.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani has gone to greater heights in the real estate sector, and by going global, he has done massive projects for and with influential individuals. In 2013, he and his company DAMAC worked with president Donald Trump in developing two golf courses in Dubai development that were branded, Trump. His work has been recognised by people who are likely to put him on the map especially with their extensive connections with other capable people in a similar social class. In that case, Hussain Sajwani is reaping big in his business venture which he takes pride in considering that he did not start from the top but has grown progressively.

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC support charity and some of the philanthropy work they have been involved in is the donation of a two million cheque meant to cater for the needy children. To be precise, the clothing these children was the main agenda as well as improving the living standards of people globally. He is clear that the young generation is the future of tomorrow’s society and should, therefore, be taken care of in the best way possible. Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) with his riches and massive achievements has been featured in the Forbes billionaires list where he has been ranked position 527 in 2018. Follow Hussain on Twitter.

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<strong>How Hussain Sajwani Become one of the President’s Best Friends</strong>

Damac Properties are one of Dubai’s most accomplished business conglomerates. The UAE Company specializes in high-end luxury properties suited to the endless number of American millionaires headed to this remarkable Middle East market. The CEO and President of this leading UAE real estate firm is an influential billionaire arab by the name, Hussain Sajwani. Hussain, unlike most of his billionaire peers in Dubai, didn’t inherit his vast fortune. No, Sajwani build his real estate empire from the ground up. Here’s a snapshot that beatifuly captures the long and tumultuous journey that Hussain Sajwani has taken over the last 20 years.


Mediocrity Kills


According to The National.ae website, Hussain Sajwani began his illustrious investing quest back in 1991. The young visionary having returned home found what he terms as a mediocre job with the nation’s leading gas and oil company, GASCO. His stint as an oil marketer and broker with the reputable Gas and Oil Company didn’t last long. His curiosity combined with creativity led him to start a private catering company. The young Hussain was fortunate to land a lucrative and long-term contract tender to provide the US Special Forces troops with food and other essential basics.


Building Skills & Experiences


Working with the US army had a profound impact on the life of Hussain Sajwani. The US army retained the catering services offered by Hussain even after the First Gulf War ended. The UAE born investor would get the opportunity to tour the world with the marching US forces every country they went to. Hussain confesses that the entire experience played a pivotal role to his current success as a strategist and investor.


Hussain’s Limelight Moment


Before the 2017 inauguration of President Trump, very few people outside the elite class and the billionaires had ever heard of Hussain Sajwani. All that changed, however, when the prominent Dubai property magnate got a special invite to grace the inaugural ball held at President Donald’s Mar-A-Lago mansion in Florida, US.


In his maiden speech as the newly elected president of the USA, Donald Trump paid a special tribute in honor and recognition of the presence of his old-time buddy, Hussain Sajwani and his beautiful and loving family. It’s easy to see how these guys could be best buds if you look at the joint investments, in Dubai and elsewhere, they hold. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJxJrIkRTzk


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