Ryan Secreast, the Iconic host Of American Idol

Ryan John Seacrest is a well-known television host, producer and, also American radio personality. Ryan Seacrest was born and raised in Atlanta The Peachtree State. Ryan Seacrest also hosts the American Idol Show and other shows on Radio.

American Idol show is starting a new season with ABC TV station instead of FOX station. ABC has selected Ryan Secreast as the returning host for the iconic music competition series with other new Judges on the panel starting its first season in the spring of 2018.

Ryan Secreast is a genius and he is capable of producing music competition series among everything on E network. He is dedicated, dependable and hardworking. Ryan Seacrest is an entrepreneur, Philanthropist, creative and a multitasker and knows how to get the job done. Over these many years On TV, he has won the respect and admiration of the American people

Ryan Seacrest Production company is an award winning entertainment company. The company also produced the Emmy Award-winning reality series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and E! Live from the red carpet award shows.

As a producer, Seacrest is the executive producer and co-host on “Live with Kelly and Ryan talk show that airs on ABC every morning. Other shows he co-hosts and produced include annual New Year’s Eve program on ABC. He also features on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Dick Clark to mention a few.

As an Entrepreneur, Ryan is involved in a wide range of media and entertainment companies.

His philanthropic efforts are based on helping the youth and serving as a chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Ryan Seacrest Foundation has launched 10 broadcast media centers. Ryan Seacrest has established studios for children in hospitals across America. He is a member of the board of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

As a businessman, Ryan has a good taste for fashion. His love for fashion motivated him to launch a menswear collection and Ryan Seacrest Distinction which is sold exclusively at Macy’s. He launched a men’s skincare line and also has a long endorsement relationship with blue-chip brands including Ford and Coca-Cola.