The Case of the Bad Restaurant Review

What can you do if your business is showing a one star rating. Well, you can follow the example of Slapfish restaurant owner. His restaurant received so many bad reviews that it drove his rating down. The issue seemed to be customers felt his plate portions were too small for the prices. Immediately, Andrew Gruel (the owner) reconfigured his menu prices and increased portions. He even went so far as to send out emails urging customers to give his restaurant another chance. And it worked – but he put in the work to turn that one star rating into a five star. If he had not been tracking his business’s online reputation, the downward spiral could have gone on unnoticed for some time.

According to Darius Fisher, President of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, this business did the right thing. Status Lab’s specialty is fixing bad digital reputations, whether it be in crisis mode, or proactively teaching businesses how to be internet smart. He states that one way to successfully counteract negative information is by engaging your target audience with compelling content that will result in renewed consumer interest and sales.

By using a press release, for example, Status Labs teaches how a PR pitch in an email should be no more than six sentences. The value of knowing who your target audience will be and making sure the journalist has accurate information and good high-resolution images is key. When you pitch your story, stay on topic of the subject matter. This is only one of the many ways to get positive information into the digital expanse. Also, Status Labs are experts in finding and removing personal information, images and posts that are shining a bad light on your company. For the average person, this task is almost impossible. But for Status Labs, they do it everyday for hundreds of clients all over the world.