Betsy DeVos: Educating America

If you haven’t heard about Betsy DeVos yet, you are one of the few people yet to be inspired. Betsy Devos is an incredibly successful woman who inspires us all.Philanthropic is the word we all use to describe her work, and with every reason.She is an American businesswoman, Activist and even politician.Betsy as in-school mentor for 15 years,so hence she developed the love for helping children. She is known for her support to the school choice, school volunteer program. She is married to Dick Devos, the former CEO of AMWAY, and is the daughter-in-law of the multi-billionaire Richard DeVos. She has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

Her brother Eric Prince served in the navy seals, and is the founder of Blackwater USA, and the DeVos family is the 88th richest family in the USA.Betsy is an activist, who actively takes to the towns and cities of America trying to effect change in the broken education system for the future of the country. She also fights to remove barriers creates environments for people to change for the better.DeVos has been an advocate for the Detroit Charter School System, and she is a member of the board of the foundation of excellence in children.Her philanthropic works have been already been seen all around the country and recognized and appreciated by the public in general.

Whatever your political views are, some of the positive ways she has impacted the educational system have been by being a Voice for better education and change in this country are undeniably true and genuine. DeVos also is an entrepreneur and donates regularly to charities.She has recently formed new educational opportunities in Michigan. Her and her husband founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010, and she also serves on the board of Foundation for Excellence in Education, and has actively mentored children through Kids Hope USA.So Betsy DeVos has a very busy schedule with all her political, educational and philanthropic work being done. But it looks like she’s really just getting started.What’s next for Betsy DeVos? Only time will tell.

George Soros Takes On The Role Of Civil Rights Activist

Depending on your position on the political spectrum the name George Soros will bring about a series of very different reactions to his name; for financial experts Soros is perhaps the most successful hedge fund manager of all time seeing record-breaking growth across a number of decades, but for others he is seen as the top donor to Democratic and liberal causes in the world. Soros himself has developed his own network of charitable groups, the Open Society Foundations that have recently been identified as a key player in the Ferguson protests of the Summer of 2014. Although he may not have personally set foot on the streets of Ferguson, George Soros has been at the heart of the work completed by a number of groups back through Open Society Foundations funding in Ferguson, Missouri. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Ferguson became a flashpoint for local community leaders and activists when African American Michael Brown was shot by a law enforcement officer despite not being involved in a crime. Initially, the shooting of Michael Brown sparked a few localized protests before a number of major civil rights groups seized upon the event and turned it into an international cause celebre. The result of George Soros backed groups, such as the Drug Policy Alliance and the Advancement Project, arriving in Ferguson was a more organized series of protests taking place under the glare of international new media organizations publicizing the efforts of activists to draw attention to institutional racism; in total, it is reported by The Washington Times that around $33 million in funding is provided annually by the George Soros-funded Open Society Foundations to groups assisting in the protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

George Soros has been looking to change the way the world works together since he left his home nation of Hungary as a 17-year-old refugee in 1947. Now in his 80’s, George Soros has continued to look to educate the people of the world about democracy and freedom, a cause Soros believes his own personal success as a hedge fund manager has afforded him. Although he has always been known in financial circles as a genius hedge fund manager the U.S. citizen became a globally recognized name when he took on a major role in the 1992 devaluation of the British currency on a day that became known as “Black Wednesday”; Soros is estimated to have made over $1 billion in a single day through the devaluation of the British Pound and sealed his reputation as the world’s top investment specialist. In 2017, George Soros remains an active trader and supporter of many different liberal causes, which Politico reports include advancing the cause of equal rights for women through his support of U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Soros Fund Management Chief Investment Officer Dawn Fitzpatrick. Visit this site to know more at

Dick DeVos’ Support To The Kennedy Center And His Other Charity Initiatives

The fundraising campaign by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts exceeded its goal for the intended expansion project. However, rather than finishing the campaign, the target has been increased by $50 million. According to a press release by the Kennedy Center, the campaign has raised $135.9 million for the project. The project comprises of a riverfront pavilion and a pedestrian bridge that connects the Kennedy Center with the pavilion. It also includes a big expansion of the Kennedy Center with three pavilions, office and dining space, in addition to educational and rehearsal spaces. The campaign was established in 2013 with the aim of raising $125 million. $100 million was for expansion with the rest meant for programming initiatives. Multiple changes have been made to the original design due to a rigorous scrutiny by the federal planning agencies. That has raised the cost for construction to $119.5 million. Among the donors of the plan include David Rubenstein, the co-founder of Carlyle Group and the chair of the Kennedy Center’s board of trustees. He donated $ 50 million in 2013. The Boeing Co. donated $ 20 million. Jacqueline Mars, Stephen as well as Christine Schwarzman donated $10 million. Several family foundations including the Robert H. Smith Family Foundation gave $5 million. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donated $1 million.


About Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a Michigan based businessman. The former CEO of Amway is the president of the Dick and Betsy Foundation that donates to educational, artistic, community, and civic organizations. It serves as a means for partner groups that position both the local and global communities for development. The foundation was created in 1989. Beneficiaries of the foundation comprise of the West Michigan Aviation Academy and Kids Hope USA. It also comprises of the Regional Alliance of West Michigan, the Helen DeVos Children Hospital, the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and Mars Hill Bible Church. Additionally, it has also supported the Education Freedom Fund, Children First America, Davenport University, and Princeton University.


Dick DeVos graduated from the Forest Hills Public Schools as well as the Northwood University. He joined the Amway Corporation in 1974. Dick held several positions within the company. In 1984, Dick became the vice president of the company. He led the company in its expansion to 18 countries. Additionally, Dick became the CEO and president of the Orlando Magic in 1991. Subsequently, he led Amway to unprecedented sales and profitability after returning as president in 1993.


QNET Gives Back in a Big Way

QNET has long established itself as one of Asia’s leading companies in the field of e-commerce. The internet traffic giant has made inroads within many different disciplines and plays an important role in the lives of many people in India, China and elsewhere. The company has also begun to establish themselves in a philanthropic role as well. 

One of their main current projects would be to help the victims of the recent Chennai Flood disaster. Recently the company announced that they would be giving a generous contribution of Rs. 75 Lakhs to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. They handed the donation over in the presence of T Srinivas Yadav, who is the Minister for Commercial Taxes and Cinematography in the State of Telangana. The awards fuction had the wonderful and inspiring theme of “Be1forChennai.” 

The theme for this year’s function was wholly dedicated to the Chennai Flood Relief efforts and had wholehearted supported from many important individuals within the South Indian film industry. QNET had the honor of partnering with the film industry for this event and were able to reinforce their philanthropic philosophy of “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.” 

This awards function was held primarily to recognize the great film talent of the South Indian Film industry, so QNET was able to get great exposure for all of the philanthropic efforts that they engage in. By being out in the open, they will be able to get good press and that should inspire more people to donate to the cause of the flood relief within the ravaged areas of Chennai. 

QNET did as of this under their “WE CARE” program, which is a CSR initiative of the QNET company within the country of India. This program is dedicated to serving the needs of all of the underprivileged individuals within India. They focus on helping those who are destitute and those who are victims of natural disasters. Recently, QNET was able to partner with the Lion’s Club organization and was able to pass out over 200 basic household relief kits. These kits included sheets, mats, cooking pots, and many other needed items. 


QNET is a prominent Asian direct selling company that provides a number of great products through their streamlined e-commerce platform. They have customers in more than 100 countries. They have been doing philanthropic efforts for as long as they have been in existence, and you can read more about those important activities here.

Learn more about QNET via their YouTube channel or their Facebook page.