Steps to being a Great Wikipedia Writer

The first step in writing the first Wikipedia article is to ensure that you register an account for which you only need to come up with a username and a password. Alternatively, if you do not want to register an account, you can decide to submit your work as an unregistered user to be reviewed and published by others at the articles for creation project. It is vital to note that before you start to write, go through Wikipedia first and search whether the article you want to write already exists. If it already exists, then you can always make constructive changes to improve it. Ensure that you find reliable sources that are stable and of high quality.

Editing Articles
In most cases, editing Wikipedia pages is a simple task. There are two methods of editing that are used by Wikipedia: Visual Editor (VE) and wiki markup (wikitext). When using the Wiki markup style of editing, you click on the edit tab that is at the top of the Wikipedia page. The Edit tab automatically leads you to a new page that contains the editable contents of the page. In most cases, wiki markup is used for tables, footnotes; hyperlinks, etc. Visual editor is more user-friendly and can only be used by registered users through a choice that is available through personal references

Get your Wiki
Whether you are an individual, business or any other notable entity, they will produce an article of your liking. They ensure that the pages they create are well formatted, supported by reliable references and are written following the recommended Wikipedia manual of style.

Citing sources
There are different types of citations: a full citation is one that recognizes a reliable source and where possible a place in the source where the information can be found. Am inline citation is any citation that is added adjacent to the material it is supporting. A general reference is a type of citation that although supports the content, it’s not linked to any piece of the article through an inline citation. This type of citation is in most cases found in a list in the reference section at the end of the article. It is paramount to note that citations are not recommended in the lead section of an article and should never be used on disambiguation pages.

How You Can Brush Up on Your Wikipedia Writing Skills

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites on the entire internet. If you have ever used a search engine, you have probably noticed that Wikipedia is one of the top results for nearly every search you have made. Wikipedia is so popular because anybody is able to edit articles on Wikipedia or create them from scratch. Like everything else in life, Wikipedia has its own set of rules that content editors need to follow.

The easiest way to become acclimated with Wikipedia is by reading the rules and tips that Wikipedia has on their website. Tips can be found outside of Wikipedia themselves, but the official rules are always located on their website.

Nearly every single Wikipedia article is in the proper format, and only the least popular, newest articles with the least information are commonly improperly formatted. The title and lead paragraph should be relatively short, and the topic that the article covers should be not be very broad. Articles with more than fifty kilobytes of text should be shortened and condensed.

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Keep in mind that readers from around the world are able to view any Wikipedia article they want. Avoid using terms or phrases that others might not understand if they do not know English, and using colloquial phrases. Slang terms might not translate very well, and end up having the opposite meaning they were intended to.

Use references when adding information to Wikipedia, or when reading about them. It is easy to add a link to a web page and disclose it in the footnotes under the “References” tab on a Wikipedia page.  If readers wanted to be entertained when reading, they would read something else than Wikipedia, which is intended to inform readers.

Famous Brazilian Literature Writers

Brazilians pride themselves for their diverse culture tracing back from their ancient history. The rich Brazilian literature is constructed in tandem with Portugal’s historical culture, which happened to be Brazil’s colony before independence. This very integration of culture has infused Brazilians local distinctive native culture and traditions with unique beliefs, customs, and traditions. This fact has enabled Brazilian native writers to showcase their patriotism through creative writing. Today, Brazil courtesy of their gorgeous culture, has managed to breed some of the finest literature writers, than anywhere else in the world.

To begin with, Jaime Garcia Dias has emerged as an iconic player in Brazilian literature. Dias’ interest in literature began at a young age, when he was still only 15 years of age. Before he began his schooling, he could write stories pertaining to their family life. Today, Dias is an acclaimed author, and as of today, the year 2015, he has managed to write and publish over 20 books within the fiction genre. Dias now joins a list of Brazilian writers who have won prestigious awards for their creative masterpiece. In addition, Dias has succeeded towards contribution in literature education in institutions of higher learning. He secured a five year stint as an instructor at the prestigious Carioca Literature Academy, and currently he works as the president of the school.

Another well-known Brazilian writer is Jorge Amado (1912-2001). He was regarded highly for his astonishing works such as Gabriela, Clove, and Cinnamon (1958), Captain of the Sands (1937), and Donna Flor and Her Two Husbands (1937).

We also have Paulo Coelho (1947-). He is arguably the best selling literature artist today. His works have special meaning because this very literature artist had a very rocky start in life. Due to Coelho’s perceived introspection and rebellious attitude during the early stages in life, his parents were forced to send him to a mental institution, whereby, he was only released when he turned 20 years of age. Immediately thereafter he regained his conscious, and started touring the world by engaging in singing and songwriting activities. After Coelho discovered his writing talents, he began his journey towards literature, and as a result, he has emerged as one of the best-selling and inspirational Brazilian author.

Adriana Lisboa (1970- ) is another remarkable player in the writing industry. She was born in Rio de Janeiro and currently she resides in Colorado. Her works focus extensively on characters rotating in different cultures and languages apart from Portuguese and Brazil. Her main interest is to reach diverse population that covers individuals from all walks of life.