The Best Shoe Care Guide for Your Winter Shoes

Having bought your favorite shoes from the Paul Evans shoe company, you tend to feel the urge of wearing them right away. However, this is not the case with the harsh season of winter. No one would like to get their new shoes out in the cold.

There is no need to worry about your new shoes getting ruined. The tips below will keep your shoes in shape during this season and every look downwards will add the confidence that comes with an elegant sense of style. Moreover, proper shoe maintenance gives the shoes a fresh look for a very long time.

Get Shoe trees

Insert shoe trees to leather shoes you are not wearing at the moment. They help maintain the shoe’s original shape as well as minimizing creases. In addition, the shoe tree helps in removing odor and moisture from your shoes.

Shoe Polish

Shoe polish always does magic to your shoes at all times. A shoe polish is either made creamy or waxy. Creams are the most common and can be used independently. The waxed shoe polish gives added protection and more gloss to shine. Use shoe polish at least once a week.

Nourishing Cream

Using the nourishing cream keeps your shoes clean and shiny. Since the main goal of shoe care is keeping the shoes clean, you will need to protect your new shoes by rubbing a sparing amount of the nourishing cream directly to the shoes using a dry soft cloth.


A rubber overshoe is the way to go when the winter condition is getting worse. It is designed to fit over the shoes and protect your shoes from harsh conditions. Overshoes can be compared to shoe gloves.

Shoe bags

Shoe bags are ideal for storing the extra pairs of shoes you own. This keeps them safe from damage and dust. A shoe bag is ideal for storing our favorite winter shoes until the next winter season.

A good leather conditioner

A leather conditioner is very ideal for your dress shoes or work boots that are made out of leather. The conditioner keeps the leather skin moisturized to avoid drying and cracking.

Shoe horn

There are several shoe horns that protect the heel counter from crushing. A crushed heel counter is not easily repairable and may distort the shape of the shoes once repaired. Get a shoe horn at an affordable price and make the heel counter last longer.

Shoe Brushes

There are three main types of brushes required for your shoes. Daubers are the best brushes to use when applying polish while the big horsehair brushes are best for buffing. A stiff bristle brush or a stiff tooth brush can be used to welt.