Nitin Khanna gets Involved with the Cannabis Industry

Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur who is known for his dealings with tech business acquisitions and mergers. He is an entrepreneur that was born in India but now lives in the states. Since he has been to the U.S., Khanna has been involved with various companies throughout the years. One of his most profitable startups was a voting platform system organization that was known as Saber. It serviced over 21 states by handling their voting operations in terms of software tracking and hardware.

Nitin Khanna has always had a good knack for selecting the best tech startups.

Throughout the years, he has invested in many of these companies and even matched them up with businesses that were capable of making them prosper. Another great business that Nitin Khanna had helped to form was MergerTech. This business is an acquisitions organization that specializes in tech startups. Nitin Khanna is such a success at discovering great startups that he got involved in an organization called Cura Cannabis.

Cura Cannabis is Portland’s largest medicinal marijuana supplier. This company provides medicinal marijuana solutions for clients within the state of Oregon and in a few other marijuana states as well. This company specializes in cannabis oil and edibles. Nitin Khanna realizes that medical marijuana is an important substance for people to have. It’s primarily used for pain sufferers and for people who are suffering from depression or some other type of mental health condition.

The medical marijuana industry is a valid part of society within many states. While the federal government does not legalize marijuana – states were given the choice to legalize this drug as they saw fit. Some states support the use of medical marijuana while others do not. There are also strict terms for the use of this product. States have to outline laws and protocols for the legal sale of marijuana within their district.

Nitin Khanna has involved within this organization since 2015. His contribution to Cura Cannabis has been helpful. He knows that the company’s success will be beneficial to millions of people. Cura Cannabis provides products such as drops and disposable vape pens. These different ingredients are frequently purchased by medicinal marijuana users.

The cannabis industry continues to expand and grow. It is worth billions today. Nitin Khanna got in the ground floor of Cura Cannabis and the company is doing well. He wants to continue pushing the company and helping it to be profitable. Since he really loves the Portland area, he knows that Cura cannabis is a perfect business to help various people who are suffering from pain. Nitin Khanna also knows that Cura Cannabis is a good investment to help Portland’s economy to remain strong and vibrant.

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Dr. Saad Saad – Lessons Others can Learn From Him

Dr. Saad Saad has become a popular name in the field of medicine due to his many inventions and the innovative surgical procedures that he has developed in his career. Dr. Saad Saad came from a poor Palestinian family but managed to bypass the many challenges that came his way to reach the great heights of success that he achieved in his career.

Dr. Saad joined Cairo University in Egypt after completing his schooling in Kuwait and then went on to practice in the United States. In the US, Dr. Saad Saad even managed to pass the board certification that put him in the top league of physicians in the country.

It is because to achieve board certification, the physician has to pass many examinations, and the screening process is very challenging that only few can keep up with.

Dr. Saad Saad even served Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family as their chief pediatric surgeon in the late 1980s. One of the many reasons behind him being selected for the post was that Dr. Saad Saad was fluent in Arabic and English and that he was US Board Certified as well.

At the time of his selection for the Royal Family, there was no other physician who could speak both the language mentioned above and was board certified at the same time. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad in a recent interview discussed the many challenges he faced during his lifetime to become what he is today and how he surpassed it. Dr. Saad Saad said that as a child when he went to meet his brother in Kuwait who is an engineer in a construction site, he fainted due to the scorching heat outside. It inspired him to choose a career where he would be in the air-conditioned environment at all times, and it is one of the factors that kept pushing him to become a surgeon.

Dr. Saad Saad has a lot of experience in the medical field, and it has helped other people around him too. He offers advice to medical students who want to make a career. He feels that people today want to enter the medical field just for the money.

But, they forget that they also need to give back to people who have no money for treatments. His mentor has taught him that it is important to treat everyone the same and ensure that people around him are getting the help they need.

Another advice that he offers to the youths of today is that there is nothing that is impossible if they work hard to achieve it. One should be clear with their life goals and keep working towards it without being lazy and wasting their time overthinking.