Nitin Khanna gets Involved with the Cannabis Industry

Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur who is known for his dealings with tech business acquisitions and mergers. He is an entrepreneur that was born in India but now lives in the states. Since he has been to the U.S., Khanna has been involved with various companies throughout the years. One of his most profitable startups was a voting platform system organization that was known as Saber. It serviced over 21 states by handling their voting operations in terms of software tracking and hardware.

Nitin Khanna has always had a good knack for selecting the best tech startups.

Throughout the years, he has invested in many of these companies and even matched them up with businesses that were capable of making them prosper. Another great business that Nitin Khanna had helped to form was MergerTech. This business is an acquisitions organization that specializes in tech startups. Nitin Khanna is such a success at discovering great startups that he got involved in an organization called Cura Cannabis.

Cura Cannabis is Portland’s largest medicinal marijuana supplier. This company provides medicinal marijuana solutions for clients within the state of Oregon and in a few other marijuana states as well. This company specializes in cannabis oil and edibles. Nitin Khanna realizes that medical marijuana is an important substance for people to have. It’s primarily used for pain sufferers and for people who are suffering from depression or some other type of mental health condition.

The medical marijuana industry is a valid part of society within many states. While the federal government does not legalize marijuana – states were given the choice to legalize this drug as they saw fit. Some states support the use of medical marijuana while others do not. There are also strict terms for the use of this product. States have to outline laws and protocols for the legal sale of marijuana within their district.

Nitin Khanna has involved within this organization since 2015. His contribution to Cura Cannabis has been helpful. He knows that the company’s success will be beneficial to millions of people. Cura Cannabis provides products such as drops and disposable vape pens. These different ingredients are frequently purchased by medicinal marijuana users.

The cannabis industry continues to expand and grow. It is worth billions today. Nitin Khanna got in the ground floor of Cura Cannabis and the company is doing well. He wants to continue pushing the company and helping it to be profitable. Since he really loves the Portland area, he knows that Cura cannabis is a perfect business to help various people who are suffering from pain. Nitin Khanna also knows that Cura Cannabis is a good investment to help Portland’s economy to remain strong and vibrant.

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Dr. Saad Saad Career Experiences

Dr. Saad was born and raised in Palestine and Kuwait respectively. He was brought up together with his other seven siblings with determination, Dr. Saad Saad enrolled in the Cairo University. He graduated with honors of a medical degree. He went for his internship in England before relocating to the United States of America.

While at the United States Dr. Saad Saad undertook a residency in pediatric surgery. He was very determined to undergo numerous surgical practices, challenging tests and exams as well as specialized training to become certified by the board. This practice took almost ten years he learnt how to speak fluent English and Arabic. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions

Having been certified by the board, Dr. Saad Saad was privileged to get the opportunity to serve as a personal pediatric surgeon in Saudi Arabia. He worked for the royal family for about four and a half years. During his service at this family, he resided a well-known city of Riyadh together with his family of four. He gained tones of surgical experiences while working at King Specialist Hospital. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

Dr. Saad Saad performed numerous most complicated surgical procedures including the case of a young kid admitted with an aneurysm. This surgery earned him respect from his colleagues as his skills were exceptional; he also took all his work very seriously. Dr. Saad Saad has been featured in the global scientific journal to enlighten others.

For about Forty years serving as a pediatric surgeon; Dr. Saad Saad has transformed the lives of more than one thousand children ranging about six months to fourteen years. He performed surgery on children who had objects such as coins, peanuts and hot dogs stuck in the esophagus and trachea. Dr. Saad Saad has shared advice concerning such cases and what parents should do as first aid.

According to Dr. Saad Saad a child who is less than six years and has an object stuck. It’s advisable to turn them upside down and hold their legs, tap their back and the stuck material will pop right out. For the children above six years, perform a Heimlich Maneuver.

This process involves standing behind the child and wrap your hands around the waist and thrust the hands to their abdomen below the rib cage. This maneuver will force the stuck material to come out. If this process does not work, it’s advisable immediately take the child to the hospital emergency room.

In an emergency room, an x-ray is performed to help determine where the object is stuck before conducting a bronchoscopy or esophagoscopy. Dr. Saad Saad invented Endoscopes to enhance these processes. Endoscopes are optical devices that aid to see what type of object is stuck and whether its stuck inside the windpipe or the food pipe.