Kamil Idris’ Thoughts on Copyright Laws for a Global Market

Kamil Idris is a Sudanese national and former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) from 1997 to 2008. He firmly believes in protecting intellectual property, and the benefits it brings to the spread of knowledge and ideas. Content creators, artists and inventors should be able to have their works protected without fear of losing ownership. This encourages innovation to spread far and wide beyond its borders. The digital revolution and the rise of the internet has made this a more pressing matter as information can spread by the click of a button.

In an interview with VentureOutsource, Dr. Idris outlines some of the challenges that come with economic globalization. Failure to protect intellectual property will lead to piracy and counterfeiting of products. To combat this, WIPO has a few treaties and programs in place. The WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT) and the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty (WPPT) provide a framework and basic protection for owners of copyright work. In addition, WIPO provides legislative advice, training programs and workshops, so users are educated on matters dealing with copyright protection.

Dr. Kamil Idris has some advice for companies operating overseas. He advises them to be diligent when it comes to their intellectual property assets, as copyright laws can be different in other countries. He recommends companies choose international partners who they can trust. When making contracts, they should be written by a lawyer, and terms should be clear for both parties. In cases of dispute, the contract should lay out in detail how to proceed. By preparing in advance, companies can come to resolutions quicker and avoid future headaches.

While WIPO is an intergovernmental organization, Dr. Idris affirms they are a neutral party. They offer a platform for countries to voice their opinion and concerns. WIPO will give advice to countries that seek it, but ultimately it’s up to them to implement their own solutions.

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The launching of the Frontera Fund

The night of 18th October 2007 was a night that will forever stay engraved in the memories of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin when armed deputies stormed into their houses and forcefully arrested them. The deputies who raided the journalists received the commands of arresting them from Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Maricopa County.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the time led one of Maricopa’s most feared enforcement unit dubbed the “Selective Enforcement Unit.” That fateful evening the group had stormed forcefully in the houses of the two and with brutal force removed them and shoved them into the SUVs. The SUVs had foreign number plates from Mexico that had windows that had black tints. The two were then whisked away and then booked into two different jails which were all under the management of the Sheriff himself.

This forceful arrest and detention were all instigated and enforced by Sheriff Joe Arpaio who had for a long time been branding himself as one of the toughest Sheriff in town. The reason for this was apparently due to a story the two journalists had run on Phoenix New Times exposing some crimes that the Sheriff himself had done.

In the stories run by the two journalists, Sheriff Arpaio was revealed for the crucial role he had played in encouraging and in sighting others in the Sheriff’s department against Mexican immigrants in the State of Arizona. The exposé by the Phoenix New Times revealed quite a lot about what the Sheriff himself had done. In addition to this, many other stories that included; mistreatment of those arrested, the Sheriff’s systematic way of prosecuting those arrested, arresting people based on race, the inhumane treatment of inmate that resulted in their deaths, and the detention of Latino people unconstitutional revealed. The runnings of these stories provoked the Sheriff prompting him to arrest and detain the two journalists unlawfully.

The illegal detention and jailing of the two caused a public outcry by the community led to them being released, and the charges they faced were all dropped. A long court battle then ensued when the two journalists went and sued the county Sheriff department for the violation of their rights stipulated in the First Amendment. 2012 saw the court and the long legal battle by declaring its ruling in favor of the two states that they had been unlawfully arrested and detained with good cause.

As a result of the court then awarded them with $3.7 million as the settlement. It is this money that the two journalists then used to launch the Frontera fund which is used to support many civil rights organizations which fight for the rights of people all over the world.


Lacey and Larkin Bounce back After Their Unlawful Arrest

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the former owners of the Phoenix New Times, have left their rolls at the newspaper to start The Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential.

The two journalists were able to do this due to a 3.75 million dollar lawsuit settlement. In 2007, after the journalists published information concerning the illegal activities of then-Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the two were unlawfully arrested. This event led to the lawsuit and their eventual win.

By founding a new newspaper, one that will focus on social injustices, the duo intend to make sure a United State’s citizen’s first amendment rights are never violated like theirs were. Lacey and Larkin themselves had to go through the struggle of maintaining their first amendment rights, now they want to assist the average citizen as well. Their new paper, Front Page Confidential, hosts content relating to politics, social issues, civil rights and immigration.

Larkin and Lacey are not just fighting for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. That is where The Frontera Fund comes in. By using their new chariable organization, the former New Times journalists hope to help fight for migrant-rights in Arizona.

The initial investigative journalism by the Phoenix New Times against Joe Arpaio was orchestrated because of Arpaio’s racist history concerning foreigners and immigrants. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin want to do everything in their power to make sure immigrants are not oppressed by men like Joe Arpaio.