Jed McCaleb makes World Altering Prediction

Jed McCaleb is experienced in a variety of different industries in the tech community. He has either created or worked on a variety of innovative technology for the internet and financial industries. With eDonkey, he created a system that made downloading a breeze. Mt. Gox, another one of his creations became the world’s first bitcoin exchange network. Now he is the CTO of Stellar, a blockchain company that McCaleb co-founded alongside Joyce Kim.


Stellar enables its customers to conduct international transactions at a cheaper cost than all competition. Stellar is able to accomplish this because of its decentralized structure. All of the transactions completed through Stellar are recorded on the machines of thousands of other users instead of a centralized server. This creates the safest, most secure method of transaction recording in history. Blockchain technology doesn’t only make transferring cash across borders cheaper, it does it faster than any other method available today.


This is the reason Jed McCaleb believes the future of cryptocurrency and financial institutions will one day be interwoven. Jed McCaleb made this bold prediction recently in an interview. McCaleb is able to made such an exciting prediction because he has been personally involved in the blockchain industry for years. Stellar was founded in 2014 and has grown exponentially since then.

“There will be a universal payments network that will operate,” Jed McCaleb prophesied in the interview. McCaleb says this system will utilize a public ledger and be able to work with cash from all over the world like euros, dollars, and more.


Stellar has been working for the past 4 years to accomplish this vision. Stellar is already implemented in IBM, one of the world’s biggest computer companies, but it is also implemented in countries all over Asia. Stellar has enabled these countries to participate in transactions that were previously impossible. People in these countries who were without financial services now even have access to things most people take for granted like savings and checking accounts.

Brad Reifler’s Tips About Investing

Wikipedia says Brad Reifler is a serial entrepreneur. Reifler is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Advisory, as well as Forefront Capital Management. Forefront Advisory gives guidance on different issues in the forex markets.

Reifler received an Economics and Political Science degree from Bowdoin College. Reifler then started his first company; Reifler Trading Corporation. The corporation focused on global derivatives. Reifler then founded Pali Capital, where he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Pali Capital opened offices all around the World. indicates Reifler has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Reifler has made speaking appearances on the subject of what people can do to start successfully investing. Reifler’s work has been showcased by Reuters, MarketWatch, and Yahoo Finance.

Recently as reported on Reuters, Reifler gave his 5 favorite tips for any investor looking to see a great return on their investment. Reifler starts by advising people not to put all of their money into the stock market. Secondly, Reifler mentions to be careful with how you invest your money. Third, Reifler says that it is okay to be concerned about the safety of your money. Fourth, make sure you know who is investing your money. Lastly, Reifler says to understand the importance of why you are investing.

Reifler points out that the investment world is largely controlled by a small percentage of people who invest heavily in different funds. Diversification is a critical element of success, but it is normally reserved for the wealthy, according to Reifler.

Reifler strongly believes in the power of compounded returns, as they provide investors with a positive return and liquidity. Reifler aims to give his clients confidence using his knowledge. Reifler hopes to provide people with guidance about a complex world of investing.   Follow Bradley on Twitter for another side of his career, and a little bit of sound financial advice.