Yeonmi Park’s Story Sheds Light on The Fight for Human Rights in North Korea

Soon to be released on Amazon, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” by Yeonmi Park details how the young woman along with her family escaped dark times living in North Korea and China to finally make it to freedom in Seoul, South Korea at age 15. While, she saw much danger and many lose their lives during the harrowing experience, she didn’t let her difficult experiences dim her light, however, and today, still in her early twenties, she is already a well- known human rights activist. Yeonmi Park voiced her own testimony in this book to shed light on not only her story but the oppression that continues today in North Korea.

The North Korean defector first shared her story at the 2014 One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland- videos on the Youtube website. Soon, she became known globally and began doing more public speaking and writing about her journey. As she is outspoken about her views against the North Korean regime, advocating for human rights in the country, she has seen opposition from the North Korean government, who recently ran a campaign on NK denouncing views as propaganda. If their regime is this concerned about one twenty-two year old young woman’s telling the public about what she has been through, then her fight for her people must be warranted. Park believes in the possibility of unification between North Korea and South Korea and continues to speak out Kim Jong-Un and in favor of other defectors fighting for human rights. The fight against the North Korean government’s oppression of it’s citizens will be a long and hard one but a worthy battle for those like Park who are willing to open up and start the conversation.