Making Sure Someone Is Watching Is What They Do At Securus Technologies

As a business owner, I am a firm believer that every business should offer eat with their clients in mind, not with profits. I have found that a general compassion for people and honesty in my business practices have brought me more success than anything. I research a lot of different topics as I am a freelance writer, and just recently I came across a press release from Securus technologies that well disturbed me. Watch more on
It was not the business practices of Securus technologies that card under my skin but rather the wrong doings by another company that was outlined in this report. Securus Technologies investigated global tel link and found proof of unlawful business practices and outright theft. Securus Technologies decided that they were going to bring attention to this matter in hopes of GTL changing their ways in the future.

The PR Newswire report released about Securus Technologies outlines things such as overchargesaking Sure Someone Is Watching Is What They Do At Securus technologies and double charges that resulted in over a Million dollars of Louisiana taxpayers money being wasted or rather stolen. Securus Technologies has been in the criminal and civil justices market providing technological solutions for 30 years now and have a reputation for being focused on connecting people and making the world a safer place.

Securus America Technologies, an A+ accredited company by the BBB which is based out of Dallas Texas, offers much different IT solutions to call enforcement agencies and inmates within State and federal prison systems across the United States. Everything from telecommunications solutions for inmates to monitoring solutions for Correctional facilities. See,