Learn about the great leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at InnovaCare

Rick Shinto is a public figure who is recognized in the healthcare industry. He has a vast experience ranging over 20 years since he launched his medical career. Shinto started as an intern and worked as a pulmonologist working in Southern California. Rick Shinto went ahead to work for MedPartners where he was the VP. His work was to deal with medical management. Rick later went to Cal Optimal. He was working as a senior medical officer, and the hospital is located in s strategic place. Rick Shinto has worked in various organizations, and that is why he has acquired such experience. He worked for Pathways Management Company where he was the operations manager and CMO. He also attained the position of senior officer where he contacted medical management at NAMM. Rick was also invited to work for Aveta where he was working at management level but later promoted to become the CEO. Today Rick is the president at InnovaCare, and he has been working here to offer the best services and guide the employees. He has won many accolades because of his excellent skills and knowledge in management. Check out Rick Shinto’s Linked In page.




Penelope Kokkinides




Rick Shinto works with other professionals like Penelope Kokkinides. She is also qualified and has years of experience in the field. She has used the chance to acquire a lot of knowledge and skills to run large organizations like InnovaCare Health. Having worked in the sector for over twenty years, she has the full understanding of all the operations. She has worked for government institutions, and she knows Medicaid plan and Medicare. In the past, she has worked at Centerlight where she was the chief officer in management. She was overseeing the overall running of the organization. She also has the experience of working at Touchstone Health where she served as the operations head. Penelope has also worked for AmeriChoice where she operated as the corporate VP. Her best experience is working at InnovaCare as the Chief Operating Officer.




About InnovaCare




InnovaCare is found in North America and has been providing healthcare services to enhance the lives of the customers. They have two sections which include Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. The company has been running using the latest technology. That is why they have established affordable and sustainable health programs, yet they are innovative. They always understand that customers have different needs and work towards helping all the patients.





Organo Gold Targets Turkey As Its Latest Area For Expansion

The OrganoGold brand has announced it will now be looking to continue its impressive global expansion by moving into the important country of Turkey with its range of gourmet coffee’s. CEO Bernardo Chua is now looking to continue the expansion of the company, which started in a small coffee shop in Richmond, Canada and has now continued into 38 countries prior to its move into Turkey. The range of healthy coffee products available through OrganoGold has seen the products become favorites amongst people of all ages who are looking to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Bernardo Chua has long been a supporter and advocate of using herbal extracts in other products to allow the healthy options available to be taken in by his clients. Amongst the extracts Chua has championed over his time in the multi level marketing industry the Philippines born and Canada based executive has always seen the ganoderma extract found in OrganoGold products as a useful tool in remaining healthy. Chua has used ganoderma in products in the past and has now made this the focus of the OrganoGold coffee that is popular around the world.

Executives at OrganoGold are constantly searching for new areas of the world to expand into as they look to move into new territories to promote the growing range of products and direct selling options offered by the company. Turkey is a popular area for many industries because it is seen as a gateway by OrganoGold for the company to gain a foothold in Asia, Europe and North Africa. PR Newswire reports Turkey is seen as a nation filled with active young people who will see the benefits of the OrganoGold range of ganoderma infused coffee, which can provide antioxidant benefits for those who drink it.

Choose To Be Pain Free By Visiting North American Spine

Pain is something that some people feel they have to live with but nowadays, pain can be managed, or pain can be gotten rid of all together. Although many will have a pain of some kind, not all pains will stay with the body. Some pain may only last for a matter of days while some other pains may last for hours. Some pains become permanent unless surgery can correct it. In certain cases, surgery is needed to help cure a person of pain that they may be having. A person may suffer through a lot of pain, especially if the job they work tends to be rough on their body.

It’s not unusual for a construction worker to have neck or back pain, which accounts for many of the injuries that construction workers may receive. A person’s injuries can be very bad, and although the person may be able to work through the pain, the pain may change the way the work. Instead of letting the pain dictate how a person works, they should choose to receive the treatments necessary to get rid of the pain for good. Although not all pain can be permanently relieved, most pain can be healed, depending on the treatments received.

In the case of a construction worker that has neck and back pain that’s chronic, the best way to proceed is by visiting North American Spine. North American pine is a specialist when it comes to neck, spine, and back pain, and they have procedures that have helped many to live pain-free again. Many can remember the days when they could work, without having a lot of pain in the neck or back.

Receiving a procedure at North American Spine can prove to be the remedy that’s needed to help a person to live pain-free. The AccuraScope procedure is performed on the neck or back, and the procedure is fairly quick and easy. Many have experienced pain relief after having the procedure performed, and the healing process can be very rapid.  It’s apparent from reviews of North American Spine that they can truly help those who are in pain, especially if they are an someone looking to continue their career while living without constant pain in the neck, back or spine.