Max Salk and his Interest to Photography

Here is to take a closer look at the man Max Salk. He is a landscape photographer and investment analyst, among other things. Initially, he is from Illinois, but he is based in New York. His studies were at Urbana-Champaign at the University of Illinois, he majored in history and finance.

In the time of his college career, he discovered a markets interest and developed his knowledge and interests by researching and investing in stocks in his spare time. Max also discovered he had an interest in photography during his undergraduate where he studied in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands in his junior year.

One of the photos that he took back then would later become his first photo to be featured on his first photography website. After graduation, his first job was in a firm in Chicago for investment management called PPM America in Chicago.

At PPM America, he was researching financial markets and capital as well as giving investment recommendations as a profession. Max relocated to New York after working for three years at PPM and joined Blackstone, where he is currently working.

Together with his job as a credit research analyst in the US and a Vice President, he still pursues photography, documenting what talks to him in the scenery of the areas he visits and his travels. The highlights of his photos, he features them on his Instagram and website.

So just how did Max Salk do it? However, unsatisfying or satisfying his answer could be, it is one that we often hear when people tell their success stories: he did it somehow. In the latest interview, max ruminated on whether he did or did not doubt that photography might work for him in the beginning.

He pondered, “I presume its natural for anybody to doubt her or himself sometimes,” and I am not an exemption.” He continued to say, and I genuinely enjoy and interested in what I do. I believe this takes you far in any career.

Marc Beer: Transforming the Medical Industry through Renovia Inc.

Marc Beer is optimistic about the future of medicine. He is a businessman based in Boston, Massachusetts, and for more than two decades, he dedicated his time and energy research for new treatments that would benefit millions of people. One of the most popular creations made by Marc
Beer is the Leva Pelvic Digital Health System, helping those who are suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction.

The Rise of Renovia Inc. Marc Beer wanted to contribute to the field of medicine, and one of his ideas is to launch Renovia Inc. It was in 2016 when he successfully launched the company, together with two other people who are working for the medical industry. The establishment of Renovia Inc. elevated his career, and the first project that they created was the Leva Pelvic Digital Health System. Based on the current statistics, there are 250 million women around the world diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction.

One of the symptoms of this condition is a weakened pelvic floor muscle, and what Renovia Inc. did is to create a digital system that will help women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Marc Beer and his team submitted their creation to the FDA for review, and it was later approved for sale within the United States. After the Leva Pelvic Digital Health System was formally introduced to the public, people started purchasing this item, and many have written about their satisfaction with the product. Most of the reviews stated that the product is easy to use, and some instructions would help others who are clueless about what this product does.

The Future of Renovia Inc. Marc Beer hinted that there will be additional changes within the company, and one of the things that he wanted to point out is the additional research that is focused on how to create more treatments for fatal diseases. They are now shifting their focus on finding a cure for cancer, and the medical entrepreneur is hoping that they will be successful in finding for a cure.

Role with LumeNXT Aside from Renovia Inc., Marc Beer is also focusing on how he can help LumeNXT to infiltrate larger markets. LumeNXT is a Boston-based manufacturer of medical equipment, like surgical tools that are embedded with LED to help surgeons perform effective surgery.

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Giving Back and Becoming a Role Model in the Medical Industry
Marc Beer is also focused on giving back to the people, and he wanted to be remembered as an entrepreneur who is engaging in different philanthropic acts. One of the things that he loves to do is to donate millions of dollars to different research facilities across the country, hoping that one day, new treatment products will be manufactured and offered to the public.

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Igor Cornelsen Explains The Importance Of Confidence For Individuals And Businesses

Confidence is a thing that helps individuals and companies do well. People and businesses that are confident have professional success which leads to financial success. Investors avoid businesses that aren’t confident and look for those that are. Igor Cornelsen of Bainbridge Investments Inc. says that if a company isn’t confident about their brand and products then he doesn’t see why anyone else would be.

As a C-level executive in the Brazilian financial sector, he led banks that had the confidence of their employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders. Igor Cornelsen says he learned to be confident at a young age. His father was an engineer and wanted him to be one as well. Back then, in the 1960s, you went into the occupation your parents told you to.

He studied at the Federal University of Parana. For the first two years, he went along with his parent’s desire and studied engineering. However, he decided he didn’t like it at all no matter how much he wanted to. He took the bold step of changing his studies to economics, something he was far more interested in. His parents were disappointed at first but his confidence in his new career path mollified them.

Confident companies have better reputations and growth than those that aren’t confident. Igor Cornelsen says that as a financial advisor he looks for confident companies to invest in. He knows these companies are on the path to future success. He invests in companies in Brazil and internationally. To find the companies he invests in, he uses Reuters as his source of news because it is unbiased.

With one of the world’s largest economies, there are multiple opportunities for investors. He does caution people outside this country that there is a lot of red tape as there are endless rules to follow.

Sheldon Lavin Believes in Giving Back to Local Communities

OSI Group has been known around the business world for many decades as a supplier of processed meat. What is not as widely known is the fact that the company gives a large portion of its profits to charities. CEO Sheldon Lavin is a firm believer in putting money back into the local communities where OSI Group has their factories. This is especially important in some of the foreign cities where the company does business. Many of these cities are very poor. OSI Group is the largest employer in the community. Therefore, Sheldon feels it is the responsibility of the company to help the local residents any way they can.

Sheldon Lavin has approved his charitable donations to fund local schools and hospitals. He will donate money on a regular basis to vocational programs. He wants the people in these cities to know that OSI is happy to be part of their local community. In some cases, OSI Group will pay for the educational expenses of their employees if they want to earn a higher degree to help them advance in the company. Sheldon Lavin says in the importance of education. He wants to help his employees learn and have a better life. Sheldon Lavin also helps out various local charities that are in the cities where OSI Group has their factories.

It is because of their generosity and high quality meat products that OSI Group is so well respected all around the world. They are known to be one of the most charitable companies of their size. Sheldon has said that the company will continue to help their local communities and give to charity for as long as he is running the company. According to Sheldon the company has been the beneficiary of some very good karma as a result of the good deeds they have done over the years. One of the biggest reasons why foreign countries love to have OSI Group factories open on their soil is because they know the generosity of Sheldon Lavin. These foreign politicians know that OSI Group deeply cares about the citizens of their country.

James River Capital – article recap

The question of how to fund a business is the first one that comes to mind when a brilliant idea occurs to you. An idea is not enough to get people to start funding your idea. Entrepreneurs have classic and creative approaches to obtain funding. 

Paul Saunders

The founder, CEO, and chairman of James River Capital and companies affiliated with it is Paul Saunders. Saunders has a B.A. and an M.B.A. as a result of being passionate about finance. Saunders’s career has included investment, trading and investment banking with positions at prestigious companies. 

James River Capital

Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt acquired KP Futures Management Corp during 1995 and renamed it to James River Capital Corp. It was acquired from the Kidder firm. The company is now an independent investment firm. Saunders’ matches his finance passion with his philanthropy passion that he shares with wife Vicki. 

Startup Funding Tips

The emphasis since James River Capital was founded has been on creation instead of competition. Paul Saunders enjoys sharing the secrets that helped him become successful. There are some things that entrepreneurs can do to aid themselves in the funding of startups.

Angel Capital Association (ACA)

Generous people known as angel investors are those who can invest $10,000 or more into business ventures, they feel are promising. Angel investors can be found in the Angel Capital Association (ACA) and can help with hosting events for networking to find investors and direct loans. Angel groups might also be found in the community.

Self-Funding or Bootstrapping

Funding a business with personal funds, credit cards and borrowing money from the people in your life is called bootstrapping. Entrepreneurs should try this option first, while all the expenses of starting a business might not be covered there is the potential to cover at least some of the costs to begin a startup. Giving up control and equity to partners can be delayed or avoided altogether by taking time to increase savings toward starting a business. Learn more:

It is easier to get monetary contributions from investors or other sources when they see that you were willing to use your own money to begin a business. Those who invest in their own businesses have more reason to work hard for success. Paul Saunders will point out that larger investments are needed for some business ideas and that not everyone can use these methods to fund their businesses.

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Interview With Executive Marc Beer

During the 20th century, there were a number of medical conditions that had a considerable impact on people’s health. Fast forward to the 21st century and there have been a number of conditions that have been quite important to address. Fortunately for the public, there have been a number of companies that have made valuable contributions towards addressing these conditions. There have been many companies that have devised medications and therapies in order to treat a number of medical conditions in recent years. One of these companies is Renovia which was founded by a longtime executive Marc Beer. 

As a kid growing up, Marc Beer was fascinated with how medicine is able to not just cure sick people but also make a lasting impact on nature. With the ability to come up with treatments such as diabetes and cancer, Beer was motivated to make a valuable contribution himself one day. After working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries for a number of years, he decided to start up his own company. With his new company, he will look to provide a significant impact on modern medicine. 

When it comes to making money for his business, Marc Beer usually relies on capital provided by financiers. The financiers are able to provide millions of dollars to help fund the many projects his company is looking to take on. When it comes to getting funding for projects, it is important to understand the value of quality research. By researching medical conditions and the potential cures, you will be in a position to eventually maximize revenue and profits. 

According to Marc Beer, a biotech company does not become profitable until its tenth year in existence. Since Renovia is a new company that has been in business for a couple of years, it is still several years away from becoming a profitable enterprise. However, the company will likely start to make progress towards profitability within the next few years. 

As an entrepreneur, Marc Beer has had moments where he had difficulty getting funding for a particular project. When he founded a couple of other companies, they were experiencing difficulties in getting an adequate amount of capital. He began to worry that his work and the work many other professionals would go to waste. However, with a talented group of driven professionals as well as his perseverance, he was able to overcome his doubts and eventually reach high levels of success. 

Over the course of his career, Marc Beer has said that the most important thing that you need in order to have a successful business is a very talented group of professionals. It is important to have a dedicated group of professionals who are able to provide their expertise and skills to achieve goals. With a group of talented professionals, any business will be in a position to reach high levels of success within a few years. Learn more:

Marc Beer to Head LumeNXT’s Board as Chairman

Marc Beer has been appointed the Chairman of the Board of LumeN XT, Inc. LumeNXT is a private company which develops proprietary surgical illumination products for minimally invasive surgeries. He has extensive development and commercialization experience in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, and devices.

In a statement, Mr. Marc Beer said that he was proud to be working with dedicated team members. He works with highly successful group of engineers and surgeons who have been instrumental in the advancement of the surgical illumination field. He also highlighted how important the LumeN XT is in ensuring performance of safe surgeries. He finished by saying that he believes the importance of the LumeN XT platform will continue to grow as more minimally invasive surgeries are performed.

Surgeons who have used the targeted illumination have testified to the efficiency of the technology in enhancing precision, visualization, as well as flexibility during operations. In fact, it is more efficient that traditional techniques. LumeN XT brings a highly advanced illumination platform leveraged as a heat reduction to enhance surgical precision. It is also improves enhances visualization to increase safety during surgeries and improves low-cost disposable options.

According to the Co-Founder of LumeN XT, Paul Rhyne, Marc Beer has been highly successful in starting companies and guiding them throughout their growth. He also said that Mr. Beer’s experience in starting companies and helping them to rollout in a global scale will be highly valuable for his new company. He has led many startups along the path of profitability.

Currently, Mr. Beer serves as the Founder of Renovia, Inc., a women’s health startup. Prior to starting the startup, Beer was the Former Founding Chairman of Minerva Neurosciences Inc., a health company specialized in the development of treatment products for diseases related to the central nervous system. Minerva has been conducting several late-stage clinical trials and developing innovative therapeutic compounds for insomnia and mood disorders, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, as well as major depressive disorders.

Prior to joining Minerva, Marc Beer held multiple leadership roles in the field of biopharmaceutical. In the roles, he was responsible for initiating various commercial launches to address rare disease on a global scale, Initial public offerings (IPOs), global growth, and many more. Some of the capacities Marc has held previously include Founding Chairman of the board of Good Start Genetics, Inc., Former CEO of ViaCell, Board of Directors of Erytech Pharma, Global Marketing Vice President at Genzyme, as well as multiple sales as well as marketing roles at Abbott Laboratories. Additionally, Marc Beer served as a member on the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Emerging Companies Section Governing Board and the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He attended Miami University where he graduated from with a Bachelor of Science in Business, an education background which prepared him immensely for the roles he held later in his career.

“Eliminating Burn Out from Your Business “

Cases of burnout in the work environment have been too many in our days. Many cases of burn out are associated with work-related stress. Stress can take a toll on someone especially when they have to balance between personal life and work duties. It is therefore important to pay attention to some of the warning signs that you are likely to fall into burnout. Taking action can help you cover the adverse effects of burnout and recover on time to gain sufficient motivation to get back on track. As an employer, you need to be on the lookout for employees who may have these signs. If your employees are not performing to the full potential, your business is in jeopardy. Therefore realizing the problem and helping them to recover on time is a great advantage to the growth of your business. So, what should you look out for in your employees?

Loss of control

If you spot some of your employees are unable to keep control of their schedule, they might be going through burn out. Many people who experience challenges with meeting the scheduled timelines are likely to feel hopeless and are at high risk of suffering major burnout. It is therefore important to ensure that your employees have flexible structures that allow them to accomplish their responsibilities in ample time. It is important to encourage your employees to take breaks so that they can look into the daily programs and see what can be achieved and what cannot.


Another common cause of burnout in a work environment is a lack of transparency from the top management. In many cases, the upper management will make decisions that affect the employees without consulting them. Some decisions related to promotions and compensation have a high probability of demotivating some employees if they feel to have been discriminated. As leader of a business, you need to have candid and honest conversations with your employees before communicating any decision. It is proper to ensure that they feel like part of the organization by involving them in decision making.

Paul Saunders

Paul Saunders is the founder, chairman, and CEO of James River Plate Corp. He holds a B.A from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the University of Chicago. From a young age, he was interested in the finance industry, and that is why he pursued an education in that line. His career began in the investment banking sector, but he later switched to investment and trading. His first job was at Warburg Paribas Becker.

James River Capital Corp.

James River Capital Corp. was founded in 1996 and currently serves as an investment advisor and commodity trading advisor. The company provides services and expertise on equity strategies, corporate credit, fixed income arbitrage and more. Learn more: