The Real Real proves that you can be fashionable and sustainable at the same time

When most people think of sustainability, the last thing that comes to mind is fashion. The real real is changing that sentiment, one luxury item at a time. With the global fashion and apparel industry valued at $3 trillion dollars and 80% of its employees being women, there’s no disputing its social and economic impacts. With retailers vying for our attention and dollars every chance they get, The Real Real is unmistakably revolutionizing the way consumers shop both online and in person. Not only have they set the bar high by providing high quality, well made items at a fraction of the original cost, they are also stepping in as the sustainable best friend we’ve all been waiting for. Statistics show that the fashion industry contributes to 10% of our world’s carbon footprint and that over the past couple decades, there has been a 400% increase in the amount of clothing people buy and discard. Even more, 95% of the clothing in landfills can be reworn, reused or recycled.

According to, commitment to a more sustainable shopping experience is something The Real Real CEO Julie Wainwright is passionate about. So passionate in fact, that since its inception in 2011, the online retailer has partnered with designers like Stella McCartney and foundations like The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and World Resources Institute to encourage and remind shoppers everywhere to reduce their carbon footprint by shopping secondhand. The Real Real has the numbers to prove it. Since January 2012, 1.39 billion glasses of water have been saved by consignors who believe in the “Make Well. Buy Well. Resell.” model. With $173 million in growth funding and three retail stores under its belt, the real real has proved that marrying sustainability and luxury fashion is a feat worthwhile. The Real Real is the retailer who says you can have your cake and eat it too and still feel good about it at the end. To see more about The Real Real you can visit

Fabletics Skyrocket Success and Kate Hudson’s Tips on How It Got There

One company that has seen a lot of recent media for its extreme success in a heavily saturated market is Fabletics, brainchild of actress and fitness lover Kate Hudson. The company has generated upwards of $250 million dollars since its founding three years ago and is making waves for its unique membership model and “reverse showrooming” approach. This approach invites users into a virtual membership community where products are showcased rather than into a physical store to make a purchase, where many go simply to peruse and then later buy online.


Fabletics and Kate Hudson were recently showcased in a CNBC article highlighting the companies skyrocket growth. The article focused on how the brand had seen a 43% growth in 2016, in a market that was not only saturated with other “athleisure” names that had been around for a good deal many years, but on how they beat out competitors to become the top brand in the category.


So how did they do it? What’s the secret recipe for success? That comes from the top down. The article outlined Kate Hudson’s five rules for success of her, or any brand, and they were incredibly enlightening.


First, she recommended identifying market opportunities. When she saw that fun “athleisure” clothing was becoming more of a trend than a piece of the wardrobe made for function, she looked at the gaps in the offerings. There were the traditional function staples and then there were extremely high end companies offering leggings at an upward of $250 – obviously not ideal for many people. After identifying that gap in the market, she moved to her second tip – rely on big data – to profile what her clients actually wanted and then to craft clothing and price points that fit the consumers’ needs, rather than just focusing on a small niche.


From there, Kate recommended that you continue to stay hands on with your brand, even after a success as massive as Fabletics. She also recommended to ensure you stay inspired and believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to take risks. These last two led to her recent inspiration to add a plus-size component to her line, meaning her active wear will be accessible to all body shapes and sizes.


Interested in finding out more about this rapidly growing brand? There is a fun (and free!) Lifestyle Quiz on the website that allows visitors to answer simple questions that create a unique style profile of their exact tastes in fitness wear.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Wengie’s Picks for the Top Ten Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Life hacks are everywhere, there’s one for cloudy head lights, ways to keep razors sharp, and even a few involving beer and soft hair. With the myriad of possibilities to improve the way you live your life, it can be difficult to choose which ones are worth their weight.


Youtube star and certified life hacker, Wengie, cuts through the clutter to find life hacks that not only work but are extremely practical as well. I’m looking at you beer and egg hair treatment.


So here are a few of Wengie’s favorite life hacks:


Shave Your Sweater


Is your favorite sweater slowly becoming a mess of lint after every wash? Give it a quick shave. Using a regular razor simply shave off all the excess lint and fuzz to leave your sweater looking almost as good as when you first bought it.


Stack Your Stuff


If you often find yourself forgetting things as you rush out of your home then this hack is for you. Before you start to get ready just stack your wallet, cell, keys, and anything else you need for the day on top of something you never forget like your bag or purse.


Snapshot Your Fridge


It can be difficult at times to remember exactly what you needed from the grocery store without writing it down and if the previous hack applied to your life, that list may be even more difficult to keep. So take a photo of the inside your fridge as a quick remedy for buying what you don’t need and forgetting what you do. Don’t forget to work the angles and get all of your fridge’s contents in the pictures.


Keyring Slayer


Putting a key on your keyring can be a frustrating and nail destroying experience. To make it easier, just use a staple remover to pry open the ring while you slip on the key.




Doe Deere | Guilty of Lime Crime

Lime Crime, the makeup and style company that is as revolutionary as the owner. Doe Deere is Lime Crime’s CEO, a young entrepreneur who is very into breaking fashion rules. In fact, she’ll tell you as she did in Bustle magazine as she has in many interviews that she outwardly encourages breaking the rules.

Rules Doe Deere Openly Encourages Breaking

Bold Bold Bold

This young lady is not afraid of bold! That tired old rule of not wearing bold eye with bold lips is out the door and out of gas with her. You can see from her pictures when you Google the name Doe Deer you’ll see those big eyes and thick pouting lips on that Russian Born NYC raised face. She wants every lady or guy who is into it to express their inner sexiness this way. If you have it, flaunt it and do it with color!

She is also a great advocate of color and patterns. That old rule about not mixing color and patterns is poo poo’d from the get go. Google images for Doe Deere and see what she wears on a daily basis. And hell yeah, she’s got the hair to match.

Do Deere and Lime Crime

The Lime Crime empire founded and run by miss Doe Deere is the one stop shop for gals that love to show off their face and personal style. Her Unicorn line is where a lot of it started and the story behind why she stared it all is so simple it’s amazing. Doe Deere is a very creative lady and mixed with her innovation and passion for her dream business, there is no stopping her.
One day, while she was creating a wardrobe by designing and sewing it herself. Well, knowing her color habit she needed makeup that wasn’t too subdued for her wardrobe. So, did she find it out there in the shops? Nope! And, what did our star entrepreneur do? She said oh well, “I guess I’ll have to create one myself” and she did. Now, she sells from her website and she is carried by select chains like, Urban Outfitters.

The point to her living her dream and coming out about it in a no judgment sort of day and age is to push and propel other young girls to dream, and not just big but really big!

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Introducing: Just Fab’s Plus Size Clothing Line

JustFab, a popular clothing and accessory website, known for delivering monthly fashionable items to your door, has recently launched a plus size women’s line. This comes as good news for those who have curves. A fashion blogger, The Curvy Fashionista, recently wrote an article about JustFab’s new line and what it has to offer to their customers. She expressed her joy and excitement over this wonderful opportunity for plus size women.

This new thirty five piece collection is said to feature dress, tops and even high slit skirts. The exciting part about this subscription is not only can you receive clothing separates each month, but you can also receive shoes or accessories from this unique company. Each individual piece is made especially for JustFab so you won’t find it in the department stores either. Not to mention, their prices are entirely reasonable, and in most cases, a fraction of the cost in comparison to big name retail stores. JustFab also plans to extend their clothing line for curvy girls in the near future-this is only the beginning.
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JustFab’s subscriptions are so exciting. Just imagine having clothes delivered to you each month. Only the hottest trends and styles, too! Their introductory rates start at a modest $22.95 per month, with other options as well. Also, in many cases JustFab will give a special rate for your first purchase. Just remember, you don’t have to subscribe. Simply make an account and make purchases on your own whenever you’d like.

The new plus size line on JustFab’s website is a wonderful opportunity for plus size women to subscribe to getting the best fashions that are sure to fit and compliment their curves. With unbeatable prices, quality products and all the current trends, you will create a whole new wardrobe for yourself in no time. You won’t want to miss out on these wonderful fashion statements, so go and visit the JustFab site!

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Fabletics Gets Exposure Through Marie Claire

Their Facebook page has become one of the athletic brands that is easy to recognize because the brand is an echelon above the other sports gear that is out there. Women that are looking for an opportunity to work out will be thrilled to discover that Kate Hudson is concerned about gym gear and comfort for women.

She spoke with Marie Claire about her Fabletics clothing line, and she seems to be quite confident in the power of stylish and comfortable clothes. That is why she has put forth so much time into creating a brand that is affordable, comfortable and stylish. This is a rare trio of elements, and Hudson is well aware of this. That is why she has taken the time to actually endorse the product herself.

JustFab has it that many customers that visit the website will be able to see Hudson in place in her new activewear line. They will be able to see her in commercials for Fabletics stores. It is a labor of love, and many people are thrilled by what Fabletics is bringing to the consumers that are in need of these clothes.

The brand is something that represents a new day in the fashion world. She has managed to get the word out about the brand by talking about this new line every chance that she gets. There are also a lot of commercials that are coming into focus for those customers that will be seeing new stores soon. A hundred stores are going to be opening in the next five years, and people have become interested in seeing what this brand offers.

This is the type of company that is bound to attract a lot of people that may have never considered working out before. Kate knows this, and she is prepared to provide customers with insight. More people are impressed with how this brand has managed to thrive in the last several months as it gets more promotion. There are more commercials and more interviews for this brand. The excitement is in the air, and people are talking about what Fabletics represents. is a magazine that lots of females read. It is the type of magazine that highlights a lot of current trends, and the interview will certainly help Kate move forward with the brand.

More people are discovering this brand through print media, and the success of the company is shown through all the praise that magazines are giving this brand. Kate Hudson still has a lot ground to cover, but she has built a strong foundation. This has given her the ability to secure a brand that will continue to flourish as more people get the opportunity to put this workout gear.

Doe Deere Expresses Creativity On Her Own Terms

Doe Deere is the painter, businesswoman, singer and makeup artist behind the cosmetics line Lime Crime. While most magazines come out with a September issue to let consumers know what’s in fashion for the upcoming year, Deere is busy making her own rules and encouraging her customers to be themselves.

One of the fashion rules that Doe makes sure she doesn’t follow is wearing neutral or black clothing with brightly colored hair. Deere often wears her hair in stunning pink and vivid blue shades, but that doesn’t stop her from wearing colorful clothing as well. Doe Deere has also been known to wear socks with open-toe shoes, which is another fashion “faux pas.” She also stated that she hates the fact that her mother looks at clothing and wonders if it’s age-appropriate. Doe states that her mom is a “babe” and should wear clothes that make her feel good, regardless of society’s conventions.

Lime Crime features an array of brightly colored lipsticks and eye shadows, as well as products that add shimmer to any makeup look. Doe wants her products to inspire others to be their best selves, and believes that bold and whimsical hues are just one way to do this. It’s also been said that people shouldn’t wear a bold lip and bold eye at the same time, but Deere doesn’t believe in that either. She feels that people should add as much color to their look as they want, since colors have the ability to be inspirational and uplifting.

Lime Crime was launched in 2008, and was named for Deere’s favorite color, lime green. Doe wanted to create a line of makeup that would immediately stand out, and it was also important to her that the products were cruelty-free. In addition to being a makeup mogul, Doe Deere is also an inspirational speaker who often shares her story and with listener to motivate them to achieve important life goals.

New Year New You with Doe Deere Lime Crime Looks

Anybody who is a Fashion and make-up enthusiast is familiar with make-up artist and entrepreneur Doe Deere. For those who are not so familiar with all things trending in the beauty/cosmetic world, Doe Deere is the founder of the ever so enamored Lime Crime cosmetic brand.

Since the launching of Lime Crime in 2008, Doe Deere has been keeping herself busy with her ever inventive techniques of creating new cosmetics, as well as promoting her newest projects for the delight of her fans.

One look at it Doe Deere, and her image says it all. No need to put anything into words, Her likeness radiates inspiration and positivity. The femininity and divine touch of womanhood is an essence that undeniably shines through Doe Deere’s creative makeup line, as her fertile, imaginative, mind continues to give birth to some of the most intriguing color schemes for her make-up.

The start of the new year means the start of a new you, so why not begin it with a new look to top it off? Lime Crime cosmetics, brought to you by Doe Deere, is an excellent way to transform your look while conveying a brand new you! To assist you in this feat, Doe Deere has provided several discounts on Lime Crime make-up, up to 85% off The normal pricing! Customers are paying as little as 5 to 8 dollars for the insatiable and luxury Lime Crime products typically priced between 13-40 dollars a pop! Matt lipsticks, glosses, and glamorous nail polishes are among these unbeatable savings, and can be obtained simply by visiting

Unsure of what to purchase? Start the new year off with a bang by trying Doe Deere’s “Limited edition Velvetines Trio, A distinctive and sophisticated color combo for your lips, designed to make a killer impression. The trio lipstick collection designed by Doe includes “Buffy”, A flesh pale hue, “Beet it”, A lovely elegant wine color, and “Peacock”, a bold, rich, blue-green sure to have your lips looking edible!

As gratitude to her fans for the support of the latest collection, Doe Deere announced via social media that this highly popular (Velvetine Trio) makeup collection no longer had to be purchased as a set, and that each could be bought separately. If you need more persuasion, don’t hesitate to visit the official Lime Crime website for high resolution photos! Doe Deere provides a large array of array of cosmetic items in every color imaginable, so you are sure to sign something that you like. Also keep in mind that transforming your style for the new year requires a little experimentation. Don’t be shy to step out the box with requires a little experimentation, so take advantage of the sales to do such. Don’t be shy to step out the box with a flashy neon carousel or dramatic Serpentine!

So what can we expect this year from Doe Deere? There are various new works already on the horizon, and the year has just begun! Doe Deere is currently in the development of various new make up releases, as well as some special surprises for her fans. Such new makeup creations include the upcoming “Polly”, Which will be added to the Lime Crime Velvetines Collection sometime early to mid 2016. Stay updated by subscribing to Lime Crime updates for all things new regarding Doe Deere and her latest make up releases to stay in style all year long and beyond!